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  • Whenever a player calls down their Titan: never has three simple words spoken by Mission Control, "Standby for Titanfall", sounded so sweet, as a hundred tons of metal, weaponry and awesomeness personified drops from the sky and awaits for the player's elite special forces soldier to jump in and tear apart the opposition.
  • Conversely, anytime a squishy pilot manages to take down an enemy Titan single-handedly, especially if they do so by jumping on the Titan's head, opening the hatch, and shooting its internal systems.
  • The pilots, highly-trained cybernetically enhanced killing machines, are capable of running at superhuman speed, jumping from balconies to balconies in just few leaps, using bursts from their jetpacks to attain superior mobility across the entire map and raining hell on the battlefield atop of buildings and structures. No wonder why the grunts fear you so much.
  • Whenever you pull off a tricky combat maneuver. One example would be successfully killing a pilot who dismounts to deal with you rodeoing their Titan by planting a satchel charge on the Titan immediately after you clamber onto it, jumping away as the pilot dismounts, and detonating the satchel charge right above their head.
    • Successfully luring an opposing Titan into a spread of arc mines.
  • Getting into the evacuation dropship just prior to it leave the battlefield.
  • The opening of Mission 8 "Battle of Demeter", for both sides:
    • For the IMC, players begin inside a space station overlooking the huge space battle taking place above the surface of the planet Demeter between both factions. The player is scuttled automatically into a Drop Pod with the rest of the squad and burn into Demeter's atmosphere, landing right in the middle of the warzone, while half a dozen other pods crash with you. You're essentially living out Starship Troopers.
    • For the Militia, players are a Drop Ship in space getting pummeled by enemy fire until the pilot makes an emergency FTL jump into Demeter's atmosphere. Immediately, Anti-Air defenses shoot down the ship; once the Player Character wakes up, you find yourself with about a dozen other pilots and grunts admist the rubble, while MacAllan leads not only a Normandy-style charge into the base in his personal Titan (which he'd sworn never to pilot again), but makes a Dynamic Entry by busting the gates open for the Militia to pour through. And he gets one of his Titan's arms shot off in the process. It's so badly damaged from the approach that he abandons it right inside the gates.
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  • Meta-example: On March 13, 2014, Raymond Cox IV ("Stallion83") became the first Xbox Live Arcade gamer to reach a gamerscore of one million. Using Titanfall for the Xbox One (specifically using a white console given to him by Microsoft) to reach it, his milestone-setting achievement is the 50G achievement, "I Like a Challenge".note 
  • The Xbox 360 port is nothing short of awesomeness. The porting team (Bluepoint Games) made sure to keep the core gameplay intact for a console made in 2005, while only sacrificing visuals and framerate. It even got the same DLC support that was present on the Xbox One and PC versions.

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