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Trivia / Titanfall

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  • According to some unnamed sources, EA bartered exclusivity of Titanfall for Microsoft allowing them to acquire the rights to Mass Effect so the former could release the trilogy bundle for the PlayStation platform.
  • Follow the Leader: The game revitalized interests in first-person shooters with skill-based high-speed movement systems, and popularized the move of wallrunning in FPS games, as seen by many FPSs after it featuring more advanced movement systems beyond just running and jumping, as well as more with wallrunning in them.
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  • Referenced by...: Madam Secretary has several prominent shots of the McCord family playing the Microsoft Xbox One version (probably Product Placement).
  • Schedule Slip
    • The Xbox 360 port of Titanfall was released almost a month after the Xbox One version. This was due to extra bugs that popped up during the last stages that caused a quick delay.
    • The original release of the "Expedition" Downloadable Content for all platforms were placed in May 2015 until Respawn revealed it would be delayed for the 360 port, againnote .
  • The Wiki Rule: The Gamepedia Titanfall Wiki and Wikia Titanfall Wiki.


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