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Awesome / The Steep Path Ahead

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  • Chapter 22 has our duo pulling off a successful escape from the shady inn after fending off several Royal Messengers who came for Siesta.
  • In Chapter 30, Saito fends off several Man-Eating Plant, pegs a Familiar as being a key point in their current problem, keeps up with a Golem, and then leaves the Earth Mage responsible Pinned to the Wall with a poleaxe.
  • When the Cardinal mentioned Karin moved mountains to find Louise, he meant it literally.
    Lady Charlotte:"The mountain was in the way, so she simply cut it at the base and uprooted it with hurricanes, before slamming it down against another."
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  • Credit where it's due in Chapter 53, the Cardinal giving Karin of all people a "The Reason You Suck" Speech took such epic balls that even Saito admired that trait of his.
  • Chapters 60-61 features Louise, Saito, Josette, Jeanette, Jacques, and Captain Bleu going against an army of The Undead of all variety, including skeleton knights, Griffins, and Dracolichs. The group fend them off long enough for Louise to wipe them out.
  • Chapter 75 introduces Bidashal. The ensuing fight shows Louise and Saito have both gained immense skill, but he's no pushover and it takes Wardes to deliver the final blow.
    Wardes: "He who wounds with electricity, by electricity he shall perish!
  • Chapter 99 has Saito moving through an army and trying to disable them without killing, beating the Pope (another void-user), and outmaneuvering Julio.

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