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Funny / The Steep Path Ahead

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  • Chapter 16: Luise is out cold and Saito immediately starts thinking of going to the brothel above for some fun. As if she can sense his lustful thoughts, she gives him a kick in the shin.
  • Chapter 22: Despite the situation, Luise can't help but have A-Cup Angst and label Siesta's boobs as the reason they're helping her.
  • Chapter 23: When Siesta, unaware that "Luis" is a girl because of her mask, starts insinuating that she was in a relationship with a Naughty Nun, she finally loses it and puts her under with a Forced Sleep spell.
    Luise looked at the horse. "Can you carry two knocked out people?
    The horse simply neighed.
    "I'll take that as a yes," Luise said flatly.
    A knocked out girl soon ended up pushed on the back of the horse together with a knocked out Saito.
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  • Chapter 24: Luise reject's Saito's permission to visit a brothel:
    "Fine," Luise said with a gruff nod. "But I'm cutting down your whorehouse visits from 'only in extreme circumstances' to 'absolutely never'."
    Saito blinked at those words, and looked in shock at Luise. "L-Luis! Let's talk about this!"
    "No," Luise gruffly said. "Real men don't get laid in whorehouses. Real men act like knights and find a pretty damsel to court, and you will do the same!"
    "B-But at least once in my life-come on! Have mercy!"
  • Chapter 26: Saito's honest introduction.
    Saito: "My name is Saito Hiraga. I'm an everyday Japanese high school student who was summoned here as Luis' familiar. I'm trying to find my way back home. I like games, dislike sports and my dream is to enter a whorehouse and go back home to boast about it."
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  • Chapter 38: The mercenaries are really tired of dealing with Luise and Saito every time they try to kidnap Siesta.
    Mercenary: "Oh-I've had enough of this! I've had enough-Enough! She's just a maid! There are hundreds like her and we need to fight adventurers each time we go grab her! I'm done! This is the last straw! Count Mott can keep his desires in his pants, all the gold he pays us isn't worth this shit!"
  • Chapter 53: The Cardinal partakes in so much Liquid Courage that both Louise and Saito wonder how he can hold it all.
  • Chapter 94: Tiffania's efforts to summon a familiar keeps resulting in it popping up next to Saito. Louise's frustration only serves to grow further. Then, when she tries to pull him away, she ends up pulling him into a portal anyway and completing the contract.


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