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Heartwarming / The Steep Path Ahead

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  • Chapter 5 is full of them:
    • Luise's Please Wake Up speech.
      Luise: "You can't die and leave me like this. Think about how I'd feel. Really-a familiar is responsibility of the mage. What does it say of me if my familiar dies after only a week?"

      "And I have to thank you for saving my life. How could I face the Founder knowing that someone died for me without even receiving my thanks? What sort of expression would you have on the other side upon meeting me? You can't let me live with the guilt of your death for my whole life."

      "Fine, I did put you in this mess myself, didn't I? If you recover, I promise I'll bring you back home before taking my vows. There, that should be fine, shouldn't it? I can't just leave you alone or you might die, or I might get worried and have sleepless nights. So please-wake up."
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    • The change in nature of their relationship:
      Luise: "I know we didn't start this in the best way, but if possible-if you want-we can start again? I had no control over the summoning spell-I really didn' what I'm trying to say is...can we become partners rather than mage and familiar?"
      Saito: "I that."
    • The Sleep Cute moment afterwards.
  • Chapter 18: Luise found Father Christoff after all this time.
  • Chapter 22: Luise, having gained an understanding that Royal Messengers want Siesta and the one behind them was a Count, refuses to let her go unaided. As she puts it:
    Luise: A faithful nun of Brimir would help an innocent in need without question.
  • Chapter 26: Luise's If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... towards Siesta is equally threatening and heartwarming at the same time. She obviously doesn't want anyone playing off his naivety of their world.
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  • Chapter 36: Saito learns that his runes were gone after he briefly died in the previous chapter. He immediately gets them back by remaking the pact with Louise.
  • Chapter 49: Louise immediately stands up for Saito after being hurt by her mother, who gets back onto his feet in order to take a spell that would have shredded her. In turn, she manages to dispel it before it could kill him.
  • Louise's concern over Saito being injured and covered in blood in Chapter 69.
  • Saito admitting he did everything he did because he wanted to help her family in Chapter 70, resulting in her giving him a tear-stained hug.
  • Louise comforting Saito in the first part of Chapter 74 over being made a Manchurian Agent. She reassures him it wasn't his fault and that she would get him home to his family. It's also noted that this is the only reason she hadn't gone off to break Charlotte in half.
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  • Louise's reason for falling in love with Saito (in Chapter 78) is pretty profound:
    "It-It made me feel happy to have someone believe in me so much. I thought I'd never be worth something, but you kept pushing me, and I became someone. I was the adventurer Louis, that-that was beautiful, you know? To have a sense of purpose, even something as simple as 'killing monsters for money' and to have someone to share it with. I wasn't a failure any longer, I wasn't an orphan kid any longer. I was an adventurer."
  • Saito being a gentleman to Tiffania in Chapter 81, given how Louise was on the other end of the fence due to her upbringing.
    "Louise," Saito said once more, "Look...that Elf back at La Rochelle was bad, I'm not saying he wasn't. But...I haven't read in the book Charlotte gave us of a single monster that can convincingly cry. Even Vampires cry tears of blood-" as he said so, he pulled out from his pocket Charlotte's handkerchief, handing it over to Tiffania so that she could wipe her tears away. "So please-please reconsider."
  • Charlotte and Louise, through their own means, showing how much they care for Tiffania in trying to convince Julio Chesare in Chapter 92 to not force her to summon a familiar.
    Charlotte: Because even if I'm known as the Snowstorm, this doesn't make my heart a piece of ice.
    Louise: Envoy of the Pope or not, I don't care. To make a callous bitch like her cry, then whatever he's planned must truly be horrible.

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