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Awesome / The Stars Will Aid Their Escape

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  • Pinkie and Spike blasting Herald and sending him outside reality to face the Princesses definitely qualifies.
  • The Princesses themselves get one during the following fight with Herald, managing to damage him faster than he can regenerate and forcing him to flee back to material reality.
  • All of the above buys the Mane Six enough time to save the Cutie Mark Crusaders' souls and defeat the Dark Young before Herald can return, foiling his plan. They then follow this up by deciding, despite his threats to kill them and the fact he's returned in his true form, to blast him point blank with the Elements to defeat him.
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  • And at some point during all this is how Twilight and Shining deal with the Dark Young. They, along with the remaining Spell Guard, teleport inside them, causing them to explode. It's disgusting, but awesome at the same time.


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