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  • The Death of King Ignatius... NOT! Watching the Fargarthians cheer and arm themselves properly is as heartwarming as it is indescribably awesome.
    King Ignatius: Alak...tis too! Give me a fucking gun!
    • Even better is the final stage of the Siege of Wondertown Land, where you blow up fireworks, literally set fire to the castle, and end the King Scab by ramming yourself into his titanium-reinforced roller coaster car.
    King Ignatius: Kill the motherfuckers in yon castle!
  • Troop Master Bryllcream, Fizzbot Killer. Not only is he a survivor expert, he can apparently design and coordinate well enough with the other factions to make a Troop Bushido Mini-Mecha out of a Fizzco Tank. It gets even better in the ''Mystery of the Mooil Rig' DLC after several upgrades.
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  • Awesomesmithing truly earns its name once you find the titanium trophies and forge a sword out of them. Where is your forge, exactly? The tower of a nuclear power plant, of course. Forging it is done by being shot up by the air drafts from the steam being generated by the plant, and then crashing down from about 30 stories up with your hammer. Cooling it is a dual process of bathing it in the blood of your enemies, and then dunking it into (relatively) pure water. In the end, you get a nuclear forged sword that shoots fire, lightning, and absorbs the souls of your enemies to give you health. And all of this could have been lost if not for the Fizzco exec taking his elaborate sword with him.
  • The final boss of the Dawn DLC lets you fight the host of Sunset TV Brandon Winfrey.
    Brandon: I'm Brandon Winfrey, and I! AM GOOOOOOOOOOOD!
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  • The fake ending to the game. The player rides a giant bottle of Overcharge into the Fizzco HQ and destroys the building at the cost of their life. Afterwards the other characters begin mourning and the credits start to roll... only for the player character to walk back onscreen and chew the developers out for making such a crappy ending. They then rewind the game back to about a minute before it ends, respawn right in front of their friends and then have a fight with a giant Fizzco robot before it destroys the entire city.
    Player Character: "Now THAT is how you end a video game!"
  • The final stage of The Most Epic Quest for EXP. After earning the indubitably awesome Sir Sigfried trap, seeing them level up and get even more badass, you are also attacked by hordes upon hordes of OD to epic fantasy music (and by that point, have the arsenal to completely destroy them with ease), culminating in a dramatic entrance and even more so exit by the Fizzco Tank terrorizing Fargarthia.
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  • After the initial level spent in your drab Fizzco uniform the game presents you with with huge array of colourful and zany outfits to choose from for your adventure in Sunset City and the selection only expands as the game goes on. Allowing that level of self-expression is a perfect fit for the fun post-apocalyptic tone the game is going for and feels very refreshing now so many games offer limited cosmetic options or offer them only as paid DLC.

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