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  • The list of games that Insomniac allegedly worked on at the beginning.
  • Upon being informed that Max's parents have a Panic Room, the player snarks that they have an entire Panic Apartment. It looks just like their normal apartment, but with the windows boarded up and them inside, panicking.
  • The Bora Bora AI is incredibly snarky, constantly lampshading the fact that draining an overly-expensive "vitamin enriched" water bottling plant is so labour intensive.
    • The actual contents of Bora Bora is an extremely long list of random chemicals, vitamins, and minerals with "a shot of whiskey (for flavour)."
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  • As you search a bunch of trucks for cold medicine, one of the other drugs you can find is "Ritalinfant: Ritalin for Babies." The PC says aloud, in a depressed tone, "It was just a matter of time."
  • Your entire Mushroom Samba while suffering from leeches, severe bloodloss, and overdosing on an entire bottle of Fizotussin, fever medicine. Noteworthy elements include the floor literally being lava as a reference to one of the game's key mechanics, skeletons, and Day of the Dead ninja cheerleaders.
  • The mission "Hardcore!". It stats off innocently enough, with you breaking some things with a foam sword. Then you get to the crossbow section, which has you shooting down catapult projectiles, drones... and UFOs and blimps. It culminates with you and Hardcore dueling each other, and that ends with a gas station exploding.
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  • The ending of "This Ends Here". Well, the first one. After the player's Heroic Sacrifice, the credits roll... and then the player walks out and chews out the developers for the lame ending. The player rewinds the scene, and comes back to life via respawn animation. The game goes on to give you a proper final boss fight.
  • Bryllcreem says there's no escape from the city. Player goes "Seriously!?" Cut to a caption of our favorite scout leader's completely straight face, with a caption and and an arrow; "ALWAYS SERIOUS".
  • At one point, the PC sets up a rock concert to earn the favor of Las Catrinas and so one of the children they're keeping safe doesn't die before he sees a rock concert. Once the concert rolls around you learn that the kid was only acting like he had cancer. He actually has tonsillitis. The game even flashes a splash screen on the kid with the words YOU GOT PLAYED. The PC's a good sport about it though, simply saying "Well done, little man."
  • The end of the Mooil Rig DLC. After taking down the sea monster, the player is perched on the hand of Bryllcream's mech suit as they stare out into the sea. After Bryllcream says "We're all safe, for now", the player responds "Except your sister. She's DEFINITELY dead." After Bryllcream gives them a disapproving stare, the player attempts to lighten the mood by stating what makes them feel better when they're down - KILLING STUFF... stuff that's not his sister, that is. Bryllcream then unceremoniously drops the player to the ground and flies off.
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  • In one of the missios with the Fargarths, the Bard sings this:
    Bard: A battle is coming, let me sing the song of hunts... I can smell the breath of our enemies, what a bunch of sodding-
    Master Chandler: Yes, lovely tune, quite enough. Bard, thank you.

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