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Since there is now a Super Gaming Bros. page, all moments specific to that channel have been moved to here.

  • Johnny in the Zelda Marathon defending his opinion of Link to the Past > Ocarina of Time WHILE fully understanding and accepting why this is seen as the best of the Zelda series, and considering he's not even a big Zelda fan makes this all the more impressive.
  • During Session 4 of the Final Fantasy VII Twitch livestream, Johnny was able to exploit a strategy to get a literal Disc-One Nuke, by allowing Barret to get thrown out of the battle by a Midgar Zolem, and having Red XIII just survive the aforementioned Disc-One Nuke, allowing Red XIII to learn it and promptly use it to finish off the enemy.
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  • ED Annunziata, the creator of Ecco the Dolphin, has seen Johnny's review of the series and enjoyed it.
  • It's awesome enough that Johnny got Mike Pollock to join his Super Sonic Super Stream & Knuckles charity marathon as a guest commentator, but the two of them even enacted a scene from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night together with Johnny using his Bentley voice!
  • Johnny beating notorious bosses in Kingdom Hearts very quickly... on proud modenote .
    • Clayton - Beat on his second try, to great applause.
    • Parasite Cage - Both battles beaten on the first try. At the point of its second defeat, the chat immediately went from spamming #GetMeOuttaHere (and variants) to a sea of incredulous reactions and aknowledgements.
      Co-Comm: You spent more time at Winnie the Pooh! note 
    • Let's just throw in the entirety of Session 7. Starting from just after the battle against Lock, Shock, and Barrel and ending just after Neverland, Johnny only suffered 2 DEATHS. Made doubly awesome by the fact that Captain Hook, one of the most notorious pre-Hollow Bastion bosses in the game, was taken out on the 2nd try. Quite an accomplishment considering his luck against the likes of Pot Centipede and Ursula.
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  • Johnny shows a great level of self-awareness and personal growth in his review of Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!. As he reflects on his old review of Gold and Silver, he notes that his quip about Bugsy's androgynous appearance could be seen as transphobic, and apologizes for it.


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