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  • The first time Jack gains and immediately uses his newfound Time Powers:
    • Time Dodge: Jack bursts into a room, finding himself between two Monarch soldiers. Right before one of them opens fire, Jack ducks away with Time Dodge, letting the bullets hit the other Monarch soldier.
    • Time Dash: a Monarch soldier is shutting an automatic door that Jack needs to get through. Jack activates Time Dash, running right past the mook's bullets; gets through the door before it shuts; and, while grabbing his rifle, punches the Monarch soldier out of commission.
    Jack: That one will hurt in the morning.
  • The stutter moments, in general, but the most breathtaking are the "stutter setpieces".
    • Jack navigating the decommissioned freighter vessel as it smashes itself into the ground.
    • There's also later in the game, when a stutter "fast-forwards" a ship, smashing it into the the bridge leading into Riverport—with Jack still on top of the structure.

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