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Awesome / Quest for Glory

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  • From the first game :
    • Not many since at this point the hero is still quite inexperienced and lucks out a LOT, but being able to storm the brigand hideout has to count, since it means utterly owning a whole band of brigands and escaping alive.
    • Pulling a fast one on Baba Yaga and turning HER into a frog counts too.
    • Minor ones :
      • As a Fighter, putting the very smug Weapons Master in his place is extremely satisfying. You can also count beating down the barricade of brigands and Toro upfront, even though the barricade does not give you points.
      • As a Magic User, being able to beat Erasmus at Mage's Maze. Erasmus will lampshade the Beginner's Luck.
      • A Thief hero will have his first stealth awesome moment as he manages to steal the key from the Kobold wizard unnoticed.
  • From the second game :
  • From the third game :
    • Especially re-inforced in the As You Know introduction (which retcons the ending of the second), but the fighter running through the flames to knock Ad Avis to his doom is awesome.
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    • The Wizard Duel (only for Wizards) against Ad Avis in the introduction, and then against the Leopardman Shaman.
    • The last battle where the Hero outwits the Demon Wizard with a well placed Trigger spell.
    • The Thief can't impress the Simbani through sheer physical prowess, or the Leopardmen through magical prowess? No problem, he goes and steals both sides' McGuffin from the other side's leader, in their sleep.
  • From the fourth game :
    • Minor ones:
      • Fighter or Paladin heroes bashing through the castle gate and facing two Necrotaurs to enter.
      • Wizards acknowledged by Erana's staff and defeating the Faerie Queen and her henchwomen.
      • The Thief sticking it to the Man and freeing the Gypsy from jail before he gets burned to the stake.
      • Destroying the Monastery counts, it is quite liberating, and even the Burgomeister will give you props for it.
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    • The Hero has a Determinator moment when Ad Avis gets Katrina killed, mustering his strengh to face his foe.
    • Even though the hero merely gives a push in the right direction, he still helps seal an Eldritch Abomination forever!
  • From the fifth game :

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