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  • Even though we haven't seen THE moment yet... ASH BEATS TOBIAS AND WINS THE SINNOH LEAGUE!!
    • Even better, one of his Pokémon for this fight? Himself.
  • During the Spell of the Unown movie, Delia kicks Entei in a sensitive place.
    "You don't threaten my son."
  • During the Fake Groudon's rampage in the sixth movie, Ash takes Max's appearance to get the monster away from the real one and Jirachi.
  • During the Team Galactic climax, Delia faces Hunter J, the bitch who attacked and tried to kill Ash, and is one of the reasons Delia had to run from Sinnoh to Kanto, and fucking MURDERS her!!
  • The entire N arc.
  • The incident with the life-sucking Litwick and Lampent in Unova culminates in the Ghost-types targeting the group's strongest member (Latias), and throw her into the Ghost World. To say Ash is pissed off would be an understatement, and the Lampent find themselves on the receiving end of a Dark-type Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    "Night Daze!" Ash snarled, dark energy lashing out, and the Lampent abruptly went from smug to panicked as Ash, for one of the few times in his life, got really mad.
    • The kicker is just who gets Latias out of the Ghost World: Giratina.
  • While it's mainly a CMOF, it's still VERY satisfying to see Zekrom bitchslap the evil Malamar and stomp flat the racist Florges bitch.

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