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Heartwarming / Master, Pokémon?

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  • The entire relation between Ash and Latias.
  • When it's really necessary, Pikachu accepts to go in his Pokéball.
  • Samuel Oak giving his help to Delia, ten years ago.
  • Ash meets Gaheris, Cynthia's Lucario. Why is it a CMOH? Because he's his father.
    • When Gaheris learns what kind of mess Ash gets himself into...
    With mounting alarm, Gaheris realized that his son had inherited his parents' propensity to get into trouble, with interest, and then admixed that with the curiosity of a Zorua and the heroic instincts of a Riolu. He didn't know whether to be proud and worried, or worried and proud.
  • Before the battle with Tobias, Ash feels pessimistic. Cue the Rousing Speech from his mother and the You Are Not Alone from his Pokémon.
  • Ash's Garchomp (yes, Garchomp) is a Big Brother Mentor for Iris' Axew.
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  • Ash and Latias keep each others pokéballs in their bags.
  • Ash evolving from an encounter with a legendary pokémon. A specific kind of encounter.
  • Like in The Electric Tale of Pikachu, Jessie and James are a couple and have two children!


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