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  • The original reveal. Just... Just that. Best Mood Whiplash ever.
    • Then, as in canon, Mewtwo erases their memories after sending them back to the pier - but misses Ash, due to him being Dark-type. As a result, Ash immediately talks about Mewtwo and himself being a Zorua, shocking the others again. "...Oops."
  • Remember Lily? This time, when she tries to turn Ash in a Pokémon, it doesn't work (duh)... And it affects Brock (turns into a Crobat) and Misty (turns into a Psyduck!)!
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  • All of Ash's Pokémons are very surprised after The Reveal... except Muk, who already knew.
  • When the group meets Latias in Hoenn, she's shopping for clothes, thinking that wearing the same outfit all the time would attract attention. May snickers (because Brock and Ash always wear the same outfit all the time).
  • Ash and Latias first meeting Clemont and Bonnie, after Latias is picked up by Clemont's Pokémon detector.
    Clemont: Are you a Pokémon?
    Bonnie: Silly Clemont! That's a girl!
    Clemont: Wha- I know that, Bonnie!
    Bonnie: You just asked if she's a Pokémon. We'll never get you a girlfriend at this rate.
    Clemont: BONNIE!
    Pikachu: Somehow, I get the feeling we're going to be travelling with them...
    • Soon after this, Ash runs into Serena in Lumiose City and recognises her much quicker than in canon, leading to some awkwardness with Latias. The high point is Bonnie almost immediately blowing Ash's secret in front of Serena: "See Clemmie? Ash has much better luck with girls than you, and he's a Pokémon!"
  • When Cilan explains what is his job as a Connoisseur, Ash asks what about him.
    "... Ash, you're a Pokémon, and so is your girlfriend. I can't improve on that."
  • At the end of Unova, Ash and Latias joke about the possibility that Zekrom stalks him. Turns out he does (hidden in a thundercloud)!
    • And later, Reshiram starts doing the same with N!
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  • Any time before Ash and Laura's secret is revealed, their reaction to N's belief that Pokemon are kept in bondage by humans- barely contained laughter.
  • When the Kalos group stops the poacher, it's by a stampede of Garchomp, Serperior, Dewott, Lucario, Froakie, Pikachu and Chespin!
    Clemont: "Did you have to step on him, Garchomp?"
    Garchomp: "Yes! He was very steppable."
  • The first real date of our main couple. One trope: Sickeningly Sweethearts.
  • The fact that Everyone Can See It between Ash and Latias. Even Giratina could see it, damn it!
    • And except, of course, the interested ones. Latias needed to get it spelled out by Delia!
  • In the episode where they bump into a Zorua, Ash's friends comment that it's unusual to see (non-Ash) Zorua. Ash refutes that, pointing out that they've met at least eight so far. When they ask him why he didn't mention anything, he fires back that them not being recognized is kind of the point.
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  • Ash pranking his mother by feeding her jam made from Pinkan berries, then asking her to turn off her disguise for a moment. She does, only to discover she's now pink.
    Delia: ...Very funny. How long does it take to wear off?
    Ash: Uh... two days?
  • Max taking an injured Ash to a Pokémon Centre:
    Joy: I've never seen this kind of Pokemon before. What is it?
    Ash: Zorua.
    Max: They're usually from Unova, I think.
    Joy: How'd you get a Pokemon all the way from Unova? Well, he's got a few nasty scrapes - has he been fighting opponents too tough for him?
    Max: It was a friend. And - yeah, he really doesn't know when to give up.
    (Ash gives Max an irritated look, knowing that he's enjoying this.)
  • Following the first battle against Lt. Surge, Ash and the group are eating lunch, and Ash accidentally starts eating Pikachu's. As this is months before Brock finds out Ash's secret, he's left wondering how Ash didn't notice.
    • Sometime after this, Pikachu asks to try some of Ash's dinner, which introduces him to ketchup for the first time.
  • Reshirim's massive disappointment of the results of him joining N. He's basically a demigod, and the first task he has to do with his chosen Hero? "Find the people who sent the paperwork you just incinerated and get replacements."
  • The entirety of Ash and Latias's first meeting with Iris:
    • As in canon, Ash attempts to catch a Deerling out of a herd, this time using the tactic of asking if any of them would like to come with him. Iris interrupts them (scaring most of the herd off) to try to correct his method, prompting Latias to ask Ash, "Do you have any relatives around here? Who are terrible at disguises?" (referring to Iris's hairstyle).
    • Ash then proceeds to ignore her correction, as the remaining Deerling figures out what he is and agrees to come along.
    Iris: ...What? Did you just literally talk a Pokemon into being caught? What kind of trainer are you?"
    • And then, Iris recognises Ash.
    Iris: Oh, Dialga and Palkia. You're the one with a Latias, aren't you?
    Latias: We're more of a team. (drops her illusion)
    Iris: (with false calm) I'm in the same clearing as a Latias. I'm in the same clearing with a Latias.
    Deerling: Should you tell her you're a Zoroark?

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