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My name is Commander Shepard. In Krogan, it means "hero".

The Mass Effect Trilogy is a series of Crowning Moments of Awesome.

This page has been split due to its length.

    Expanded Universe 

  • In the second game, Kasumi will mention she got Shepard into Badass Weekly. The writer for the real life Badass of the Week thought this was the crowning moment of his career and was so flattered he had to write an entry for the site. Guess who.
    • The only reason it didn't come out earlier was because the author wanted to finish the trilogy first.
  • The character designs are so popular that people have recreated them in real life. This and this are pretty CM for Mass Effect Coplay. Though it'd probably be better called special effect artists play dress up.
  • Just about any time Commander Shepard gives one of their famous speeches is going to be this.
  • One would think it's impossible but not for Leopard Turret who should be honored for his passion and dedication. He took the entire Mass Effect game series and turn into a legit Sci-Fi series with incredibly authentic openings that can be seen in television shows. Here's the link to the playlist.