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Awesome / LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

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  • The Guardians of the Galaxy were the first to start the game. By the end, their first Boss Battle is a Celestial.
  • Spider-Man teams up with White Tiger and Ms Marvel to fight the former's rogues gallery.
  • Doctor Strange against Mordo.
  • After all the trouble Maximus put him through, such as stealing the throne, selling Attilan out to the Kree and only recently tried to kill him and his family, Black Bolt now has his brother against the wall begging for mercy. Now what happens?
    Black Bolt: SILENCE.
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  • The Back-to-Back Badasses of Marvel's Heroes during the Final Battle.
  • Captain America taking the fight to Kang.
  • Ravonna betraying Kang.
  • In a meta-example, many groups who have reviewed the game have essentially said the same thing - it may not have the X-Men nor the Fantastic Four, but it does not hurt the game at all, not unlike Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. In fact, they've even said that the game is actually either just as, if not even funnier, than the last to go along with the praise.
  • When Team Captain America are raiding the HYDRA Airship, the final boss is a full-blown dogfight against Baron Zemo.
    • It gets even better: You'd think that this would be a Defender-styled sidescroller as seen in Lego Batman 3 or LEGO Dimensions, but no. It's an over-the-top fight with Captain America and Star-Lord using a hijacked plane to fight against Baron Zemo which looks like something taken out of Star Fox or Afterburner, and Star-Lord has to kick off any invading vibranium soldiers.
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  • In The Old West, Rocket Raccoon sees the Circus of Crime kidnapping Groot. His response? Put a series of very large attachments to his gun and annihilate the area, making a Curb-Stomp Battle and destroying a "shoot-the-duck" stand in the process as well as putting an RPG on it for laughs. Too bad Captain Corbett stops him though.
  • Team Thor at one point have to get Heimdall to play his part in the story. They then get interrupted by Surtur, who seeks revenge against Asgard and pits Thor, Thor (Jane Forster), Captain America, Captain Marvel and Loki in an epic battle against him. Gwenpool even gets in on the fun with a flying fire engine! All to kickass rock music!
  • Team Spider Man's first mission for the Nexus Shards has them taking a detour to Manhattan Noir to get Iron Fist's help into getting into Kun-Lun. With the help of the Defenders and Spider Man Noir, they storm Fisk Tower to confront Kingpin who has been recently been elected mayor due to Kang's forces stuffing the ballots. After a minor fight with Hammerhead, they face Kingpin in the middle of a post-election victory party and has his new car on display with weapons. Before you face however, you have to fight Elektra (Noir)!

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