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  • Fighting Darth Maul with "Duel of the Fates" playing. Then playing AS Darth Maul. Freeplay allows you to play as Maul or Vader against the other!
  • The final battle of LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game in co-op mode. Very few games can say that the final boss battle has the players turn on each other.
  • The big finale of the original Star Wars trilogy. You fight Palpatine, with all his crazy acrobatic skills displayed in Revenge of the Sith. Oh, and to make it fit with the co-op gameplay style? Vader achieves his redemption a little earlier and teams up with his son to fight the Emperor. That's right, two generations of Skywalkers dueling against the Big Bad of the whole Star Wars saga. They changed it, now it's awesome.
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  • The Final Boss of LEGO Star Wars 3 being THE ZILLO BEAST!
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens has the previously mentioned Palpatine fight as part of the first level, with Luke and Vader once again teaming up to take the Emperor down. The fight manages to be even more awesome thanks to the updated graphics and dialogue from the movie, and Darth Vader gets locked in an epic Beam-O-War with Palpatine at the end.
  • Not only is FN-2199 (AKA TR-8R) a boss in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but he makes his grand entrance by smashing through a wall and spinning his weapon wildly.
  • Captain Phasma has a serious case of Took a Level in Badass compared to her Memetic Loser status in the film.
    • In "The Trouble Over Taul" level, she leads FN-2199 through a Resistance ship that is crashing into a toxic atmosphere and falling apart around them without hesitation and doesn't leave until she finds what she went there for. Her entire attitude is summed up in two words:
      FN-2199: [after some resistance fighters are Thrown Out the Airlock] I guess they couldn't handle the pressure.
      Captain Phasma: Focus, Trooper!
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    • The "Ottogen Assault" level also proves that both she and Kylo Ren have good reason to be considered The Dreaded by those who go up against them.
    • Unlike the film, where she's quickly ambushed and captured, Phasma instead puts up a serious boss battle against Finn, Han, and Chewbacca. Even after the initial firefights, she's able to grapple with Chewie before the Wookie ultimately overpowers her.
  • Sidon Ithano, the Crimson Corsair and Ensemble Dark Horse from the film, getting his own level where he and two companions infiltrate a First Order base to steal a ship that's needed for Poe to use in a rescue mission to save Admiral Ackbar. At the end of the level, said ship slides off its platform towards the planet's plasma-filled surface. All three of the mercenaries dive after it and get it flying to safety before they crash below.


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