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  • The climax of the Kaijou vs. Touou match is a huge one, especially the clashes between Kise, with his Perfect Copy, and Aomine, who is playing seriously for once.
  • Kuroko's epic Shut Up, Hannibal! to Hanamiya, all the while using Ignite Pass against him. One definitely should never piss off Kuroko.
  • Kuroko's Misdirection Overflow, which lets everybody else on the team use misdirection. He even uses it effectively to stop AOMINE from scoring!
  • Kagami during the climax the Touou Winter Cup match. First, he manages to enter the Zone, then he manages to beat Aomine one-on-one, and then he beats Aomine in an aerial duel with a skill he'd been practicing since the Summer, allowing Seirin to win the game.
  • Kise's badass upgrade, the Perfect Copy. It operates on a time limit but for those few minutes, Kise is basically the culmination of the skills of the entire Generation of Miracles. Imagine Akashi's Emperor Eye+Midorima's crazy three-pointers+Aomine's insane skill set and agility+Murasakibara's blocks and defense skills+Kuroko's super fast passes and tricks combined into one guy, and you can see why Kise Ryouta is a complete monster.
    • Then he loses the time limit. Yes, it's at the expense of his foot (or is it ankle?) but it's still pretty damn awesome.
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  • Kasamatsu figuring out the trick behind Kuroko's Phantom Shot: "You're completely visible."
  • Kuroko scoring the buzzer beater in the Kaijou rematch. Props to Kagami for the amazing pass too!
  • Chapter 248: Kuroko has restored his lack of presence. Bad. Ass.
    Kuroko: Sorry, but the title of "Phantom Sixth Man".....I don't feel like giving it up so easily.
  • The entire final attack sequence in the last seconds of the game for Seirin.
    • With barely any time left, Rakuzan has the ball. As the rest of the team fires up, Izuki cools down and then Eagle Spears a pass, surprising even Akashi.
    • Rakuzan covers Kagami, so Izuki passes to Hyuuga, and their bond lets him catch the pass perfectly enough that Mibuchi instinctively reacts. Hyuuga then uses Earth Shot against Mibuchi himself, cutting the deficit down to 1 with a free throw left.
    • Seirin can't last in overtime, so Hyuuga intentionally flubs a free throw and Kiyoshi gives everything to get it, despite the fact that his knee's about to give.
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    • Rakuzan's covering everybody, and there's no time left. Kuroko uses misdirection to slip his mark and get the ball, preparing to shoot for the first time in the entire match.
    • Akashi reads the play and jumps to block the shot. Kuroko shoots anyway, bypassing Akashi in time for Kagami to come soaring through the air and slams in a buzzer beater.
    • Made more awesome in the anime when they play the first opening. May arouse tears of joy.
    • Their first and last win against the Generation of Miracles ended with a buzzer beater slam dunk.


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