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Awesome / Intelligence (2014)

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Episode 1 - Pilot

  • Gabriel has been kidnapped by the same people that took Dr. Cassidy and Cassidy is forced to prep him for surgery. When the anesthesia is place on his mouth, he fakes a seizure. In less than a second, the doctor catches on without showing it, lures in the rest of the staff so that they can be easily taken down, moves the one person who would have been able to see him cut Gabriel free and arms him all at the same time.
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  • Cassidy using the sniper rifle to take down Jin Cong, with an assist from Gabriel using the broadcasting function to correct him. That's actually a combined effort of awesome. Gabriel's idea with Cassidy's execution.

Episode 4 - Secrets of the Secret Service

  • Pretty much the entire episode for Gabriel and Riley.

Episode 5 - The Rescue

  • Riley purposely maladjusting her watch, so when Gabriel cyber-renders the building she's in, he catches on almost immediately and can locate her.
  • Lillian calmly calling Hector to do just a bit of gloating about having him covertly assassinated.

Episode 6 - Patient Zero

  • The gyrocopter being controlled by Gabriel by smacking it to the head of a black ops agent in Austin.
  • Gabriel being able to get a lock onto Patient Zero within a few minutes, and then being able to continue to follow the bread-crumbs of the patient's trail.

Episode 7 - Size Matters

  • Score one for the bad guy. He gets off a quip and activates a Trap Door in the floor, which drops him down below and lets him escape Gabriel and Riley.
  • Gabriel's One-Liner: "Meet Frankenstein."
  • Gabriel realizes the nanites in Dr. Cassidy's body need to be fooled into believing he's dead, at which point they'll self-destruct, having then finished their programmed task. Bonus awesome for the impromptu plan conceived by the group to lower Cassidy's body temperature temporarily, which is successful.
  • Cassidy getting one over on Bruce Tyler with a Batman Gambit involving powdered sugar, followed by a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.

Episode 9 - Athens

  • Jin Cong gets this for subverting the internal files of Clockwork to make it look to Gabriel like he's the good guy.
  • Riley, Jameson and Nelson overpowering the Chinese mooks.
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  • Cassidy's "nonlethal, area-effect static discharge device", a.k.a. stun bomb.

Episode 10 - Cain and Gabriel

  • Lillian's back story is a CMoA: Riley notes that "every woman in intelligence wants to be Lillian". Just for starters, when Lillian was Riley's age she was already head of Army Intelligence, and is credited with being one of the major creators of CyberCom.
  • Many episodes contain Awesomeness by Analysis, but this one takes it a step further: the Cyber Command team manages to analyze the motivations and personality of the perpetrator to narrow down who to track down to try and prevent the neurotoxin from being released.

Episode 11 - The Grey Hat

  • The Cyber Command team, accompanied by Teen Genius Troy, have just lost the only way they had of reliably stopping a group of terrorists from causing a meltdown in the Los Angeles nuclear power plant. A comment by Nelson causes an Eureka Moment on Riley, who has the idea of deceiving the virus, which Troy says has been made to only go after its objective and activate. Nelson suggests introducing a fake nuclear reactor into the network, and Gabriel goes and makes one on the fly. It works.

Episode 12 - Event Horizon

Episode 13 - Being Human

  • Tetazoo is surprised by an assassin. Before the assassin can grab his phone and possibly compromise his counterattack against the Iranian sleeper agents, he has a Dying Moment of Awesome as he gets the gunman at close range.

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