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Headscratchers / Intelligence (2014)

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    Riley and Jin 

  • How did Riley Neal take down four (hypothetically) armed men with knife wounds while protecting two children and not be able to get away from one man with a pistol?
    • Probably because knives are close range, giving you the chance to disarm your attacker, and she probably still had her gun. In the case of Jin Cong, she was unarmed, he had a gun, and was too far away for her to try and disarm.
    • Plus, she was already injured this time.
      • Again, when she attacked the four armed men, she had been stabbed hypothetically more than once. The only injury she had when she was attacked by Jin Cong was a bullet graze...which didn't prevent her from choking out Amos or disarming the first guy.
      • Which part of Jin Cong being too far away for Riley to try and disarm did you not get? Note that she visibly is thinking of going for his gun, and realises she'll never make it.

    Heat issue with the chip 

  • The main problem with any computer chip is waste heat. With this chip being as powerful as it is, there's going to be a lot of heat generated. So how does he get rid of it without frying his brain. There's no visible heat-sink present in the back of his head. Or is this just an example of Bellisario's Maxim?
    • This might be why the genetic mutation is needed: certain individuals in good health who not only can interface well with the chip, but whose bodies can most efficiently remove heat would be ideal candidates. That said, with technology increasingly favoring lower-wattage chips which nonetheless deliver the kind of processing power thought to be unattainable a few years ago, it may be that it uses a highly experimental fab technique which lowers wattage output while boosting brain-interface/processing capability.

    Jin Cong's Gambit 

  • How much of what Jin Cong used to "convince" Gabriel was real vs. faked? The best lies are often ones mixed with the truth, and Riley did have a past incident involving a Vice-President in her personnel file. As well, Gabriel's wife was acting as a long-term double agent.

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