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    Season 1 

The Fort

  • The very first scene of the series, where Sunny singlehandedly slaughters over a dozen nomads without even pulling his sword.
  • Sunny versus the Widow's clippers in the rain. Magnificent and gorgeous to look at.
  • As much as Nightmare Fuel it was, the scene where M.K.'s powers activate when being attacked by the bully and gouging the bully's eye out was awesome.
    • Especially how M.K. kicks him across the room into a mirror, grabs one of the shards as it is flying through the air and then throws it into the bully's right eye.
  • Sunny helping M.K. escape at the risk to his life.

Fist Like a Bullet

  • The Widow demolishing a room full of nomads sent to kill her, all by herself and in the most ruthlessly efficient manner possible. In very high heels.
  • Tilda pulling a Stealth Hi/Bye on M.K.
  • Tilda again. When the Nomad leaders express doubt in the capability of Widow's forces, Widow bets that Tilda could take one of them down. A Curb-Stomp Battle ensues, with Tilda breaking and turning the Nomad leader's neck 180 degree.
  • Sunny refusing to kill Veil's parents despite knowing that he might get killed for it.
    • And then Quinn does it himself but doesn't punish Sunny in anyway, and considering Quinn's penchant for pulling You Have Failed ME, shows how much value Sunny earned in his eyes.
  • Sunny fights off an entire army of nomads in the trap set by the Widow to kill him and Ryder.
    • Their leader lands a barrage of punches that floors Sunny and nearly kills him later with a surprise attack.
  • M.K. coming to Sunny's rescue when Sunny was about to be killed by the Nomad leader's surprise attack, knowing fully well that it might lead him to be captured and returned to the Fort.
  • Lydia calling out Quinn on his follies.

White Stork Spreads Wings

  • The sword duel between Quinn and the Widow is magnificently choreographed.
    • Widow shows that she may have the better technique, actually landing more hits on Quinn. Quinn shows that technique itself cannot always win a fight, and beats her down with his superior brute strength, even performing a Bare-Handed Blade Block before wresting that sword out of Widow's hands. Had not for his tumour acting up, he would've killed her then and there.
  • Quinn's Clippers tear through the majority of Widow's. And showing that they are not helpless, few of her female Clippers take down a few of Quinn's.
  • Waldo effortlessly kicking M.K.'s butt from his wheelchair.
    • However, M.K. gets points for actually being able to land a couple (albeit ineffective) hits, especially when Sunny claimed that he wouldn't be able to, showing that while he's still far from being a badass, he is a bit more capable than Sunny has pegged him to be.
  • The Elite Mook who gives Sunny a hell of a fight
  • M.K. telling Tilda something which took her two seasons to learn - the Widow is no better than Quinn.

Hand of Five Poisons

  • "You're gonna be my last tattoo!"

    Season 2 

Tiger Pushes Mountain

  • The Widow and Tilda almost singlehandedly take back their oil refinery from Ryder and Jade. And to prove that she hasn't lost a single step from her near-death experience, the Widow plows her way through Jade's bodyguards all by herself, in a brutal and terrifying sequence featuring the Widow slowly advancing up a staircase, hacking up Clippers and fixing Jade with a wicked Slasher Smile each time they make eye contact. When it's finally down to just the two of them, the Widow takes down Jade with absolutely no effort...and leaves her alive to deliver a message to Ryder: She's Back, and the oil fields are hers.
  • Sunny fights off several slavers while trapped in a yoke, using said yoke as a weapon and a shield. Jackie Chan would be proud.

Red Sun, Silver Moon

  • The fight between Sunny and Moon, two veteran clippers.

Palm of the Iron Fox

  • Quinn's clippers attack the conclave and every one of the Barons fights back. Waldo and the Widow hold their own as well, with Tilda pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • After being repeatedly told he wasn't ready to be a Baron, Ryder manipulates the Barons into turning against the Widow.

Black Heart, White Mountain

  • Jade finds her staff running off as the Widow is on the warpath and everyone realizes she's coming for them. She finds her maid, Mary Ann, ransacking her dresser and stealing her jewels. When she demands she stop, Mary Ann slaps Jade so hard that the Baroness goes down and then kicks her in the gut.
    Mary Ann: I'm done taking orders from you Baroness.

Wolfs Breath, Dragons Fire

  • Sunny and Quinn throwing down for all the marbles. Producing one of the most killer one-on-one fights the show has ever done.

    Season 3 
  • The season opens with a fight between Widow and Nathaniel aka Silver Moon, and is just as epic as previous season fights
  • Tilda's truck robbery
  • M.K.s fight with Silver Moon.
  • Nathaniel owning Tilda and her group
  • The Pilgrim's intro
  • M.K.s escape from Widow's compound
  • Baron Chau's much more badass and nicer brother, Gaius, and her badass new reagent


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