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This series shares a setting with The Shannara Chronicles

They share the same executive producers and much of the same Production Posse. And they are both set in North America After the End.

  • Specifically, it's set in the Southland sometime before the rise of the Federation. The treatment of the Cogs foreshadows the enslavement of Dwarves, Trolls, and Gnomes in The Heritage of Shannara.
    • The Abbots that show up at the climax of the Season One Finale are in fact Druids, sent to return M.K. to Paranor.
    • The Nomads and the Rovers are different bands of the same ethnic group.

MK's power isn't magic, it's from a Super Soldier program from before the apocalypse
The monastery where he stays in Season 2 has a modern-looking medical facility with equipment that can
take away powers from someone like him.

The Badlands are a prison, not a refuge
The wall around the Badlands is to keep people in, not out. The Barons are all crazy people that the rest of society just sealed off and left to their own devices. There are some perfectly nice places beyond the Badlands where life is not crap. There may not even have been an Apocalypse at all; this could all be Baron propaganda.

Azra will turn out to be a futuristic dystopia
Azra has been shown in an old Wired Magazine article so it was apparently a high-tech community at some point. It was possibly an attempt at creating a utopia, which went sour along with the rest of the world after the apocalypse.
  • In Journey to the West, the heroes travel all the way to India to find Buddhist scriptures, only to be given blank scrolls. Being (at least initially) disappointed is a part of the story.
  • There is a reference to Bioshock on the magazine, a game series that is all about utopias that become dystopias.

Azra's citizens are enhanced humans altered for the previous wars
And the Abbots want to gather them all together for some unknown purpose.

The Widow is Baji's friend Flea
She already stated that she was once like MK. And Baji said the Badlands are the only place he hasn't looked for the girl he saved from the Abbots' needles, which would explain why she no longer has the gift. Flea escaped to the Badlands and became Minerva/The Widow.
  • Confirmed

Guns should have re-emerged at some point, especially since people still make and use explosives. Something actively keeps guns from working.
  • Yeah, the Barons. In the Badlands at least, the barons specifically outlawed guns for easier control of their subjects.


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