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Drinking Game / Into the Badlands

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Take a drink when:

  • You hear a phrase exclusive to this show: doll, clipper, baron, wick, healer, etc.
  • Sunny tries to talk his way out of a fight but gets one anyway.
  • When a Clipper shows off his/her tattoos.
  • Someone gets double-crossed.
  • Someone saves MK's life.

Take a shot when:

  • MK goes dark.
  • MK gets captured.
  • Quinn dares someone to kill/attack him.
  • Someone tries to cut or succeeds in cutting MK in order to see him go dark.
    • Take two if MK contemplates cutting himself or goes through with it.
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  • A character finds a clue about Azra.

Finish your drink when:

  • A main character is killed.
  • Sunny gets captured and sold.
  • MK loses his gift.

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