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Nightmare Fuel / Intelligence (2014)

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  • The whole concept. Given that we now know that the government has spent the past decade plus building a virtual Panopticon, the idea that certain people can inescapably spy on you is prime Paranoia Fuel.
    • Especially when that technology is in the hands of someone like Mei Chen
  • In "Patient Zero", Gabriel says three previous volunteers never made it out of the black ops surgery alive. Two of the volunteers were killed, with one permanently paralyzed.
  • "Size Matters" deals with nanites, robots invisible to the naked eye that can be manufactured to kill a target as a virus would. Also counts as Paranoia Fuel.
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  • "Cain and Gabriel" features a neurotoxin which is creepy and nightmarish: essentially it "disconnects" the head from the body, rendering one a quadriplegic.
  • "The Grey Hat" features a terrorist group which has unleashed a worm intended to shut down a nuclear reactor's safety protocols to force it into meltdown and potentially cause another Chernobyl. In Los Angeles.
    • What makes that especially scary is how close the terrorists were to succeeding.

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