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Heartwarming / Intelligence (2014)

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Episode 1 - Pilot

  • Riley assures Gabriel that CyberComm could've built a better machine if that's what they wanted. Instead, she tells him, they wanted a human being.
  • Lillian exchanging Jin Cong for information on Amelia. She certainly took to heart Riley's warning.

Episode 3 - Mei Chen Returns

  • Riley silently acquiescing to be Gabriel's backup when Gabriel decides to go against medical advice and Lillian's command to go after Mei Chen who has hacked his hard drive.
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  • After asking not to be forgiven for her part in his wife's death, Gabriel asks Riley if she'd do it all over again (saving him and leaving Amelia) when she reluctantly answers yes, Gabriel says, "Good." and they toast

Episode 4 - Secrets of the Secret Service

  • Riley and Gabriel's conversation near the end of the episode about deciding they're exactly where they wanted to be in life.

Episode 5 - The Rescue

  • There are moments when Gabriel and Riley wouldn't look out of place hugging or kissing. And while neither seems ready to admit it to the other, both Gabriel and Riley do care about each other in a way that's evolving beyond simple acquaintanceship.

Episode 7 - Size Matters

  • Gabriel has encountered not only the anti-tech extreme in this episode, he's also had someone from the exact opposite extreme tell him to "embrace himself". While anti-tech is a phenomenon that can be a natural consequence of human resistance to innovation, it's apparently disconcerting for Gabriel, at least, to realize there are people who want faster technological change to the point of changing fundamental aspects of humans themselves. Riley, however, points out that it isn't as simple as him being an organic supercomputer:
    Gabriel: You watched the title fight on pay-per-view Saturday night. And in the morning, you had a soy latte after your run.
    Riley: How do you know it was after and not before?
    Gabriel: 'Cause you checked your e-mail at 6:00 A.M. from your apartment and again an hour later from your phone on the other side of Rock Creek Park. (sighs) I'm just saying it'd be nice to come in Monday morning and not already know what you did all weekend.
    Riley: You knew I had a soy latte because you know me. It's not the chip.
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  • Later, Riley tells Gabriel, "I don't like you calling yourself a freak", in response to his sarcastic rejoinder to Lillian.
  • The entire episode, a futurist who has gathered that Gabriel has been technologically advanced, makes a bunch of false assumptions when no one clears up the details of the chip because he doesn't have security clearance. The entire episode he alludes to the fact that Gabriel is basically more machine than man and/or is detrimentally reliant on the chip going so far to even say that he and Gabriel are no longer the same species. Gabriel and the rest of the CYBERCOM team brushes off all of these comments; however, you can tell it's starting to get to Gabriel. Riley on the other hand, refutes each and every one, practically every time it happens - including when Gabriel starts commenting himself. It seems like Gabriel doesn't even notice Riley's persistent defense, but at the end of the episode, Gabriel drags Riley out to breakfast at an ungodly hour just to say thanks.
    Riley: Uh, we're way past our nightly check-in. Like, the sun is almost coming up. Did you wanna borrow a cup of sugar?
    Gabriel: Maybe? No. Actually, I was just...callin' to say thank you.
    Riley: What for?
    Gabriel: You know what for.

Episode 9 - Athens

  • Riley trying to reach Gabriel by getting him to recall how he feels about her. It doubles as a tear-jerker, since she's visibly struggling not to break down at the thought she could lose Gabriel to a hijacked chip.
  • Dr. Cassidy's relief at seeing his son unharmed.

Episode 10 - Cain and Gabriel

  • Lillian and her daughter, Rebecca, having a heartfelt conversation near the end of the episode.

Episode 12 - Event Horizon

  • Riley living up to Adam Weatherly's semi-rhetorical question: "How far would you go to protect Gabriel?" - When Gabriel escapes custody, she rolls right on up beside him in a commandeered SUV. Later, when Gabriel tries to dissuade her from accompanying him:
    Gabriel: I'm the one they want, not you.
    Riley: Well, it's a good thing I don't work for you, otherwise, I'd have to follow your dumb orders.
    Gabriel: I'm not gonna let you throw your career away.
    Riley: As we cover up the getaway car I just drove?

Episode 13 - Being Human

  • Riley (as usual) and Gabriel's Mom both reassuring him that he still has human qualities and that he's not "just a machine", in counterpoint to Weatherly's story about why Clockwork was named as such. His mother is the most awesome case as she assures him about five seconds after she finds out about the chip with the fact that while people are worried about Gabriel being programmable, Weatherly, the one who actually made the comparison had been psychologically programmed to betray his country without said microchip, actually leaving Riley and Gabriel speechless for a moment.
  • Every interaction Gabriel has with his mother doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny, Heartwarming and Awesome because they are so much alike, you can actually see exactly where he got his stubborn, recalcitrant personality from. Especially when he's trying to keep her safe by sending her to her "road whore" of a sister.

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