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In Episodes

  • "A Great Deliverance":
    • When they're sitting in the pub going over case notes and discussing how to deal with the annoying Yorkshire policemen working with them, and they plot to make them dig up the entire farm as revenge. It's the first moment we see them truly getting along, and though it doesn't last, it foreshadows just what their relationship will become.
    • When Barbara tactfully rescues Lynley from an awkward encounter with his Unrequited Love and her husband.
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    • Lynley comforting Barbara at the end of the case when she confesses what happened to her little brother, telling her "You're not a monster," and handing her his handkerchief.
  • "Well-Schooled In Murder":
    • Lynley has earlier damaged his friendship with his best friend, a teacher at the school, after having to officially ask him on the record about his sexual orientation, forcing his friend to come out of the closet. From that time on, his friend has been addressing him coldly as "Inspector". Their last scene together:
      "I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"
      "If — when I can, Tommy, I'll send you a postcard."
    • Also, just before this, Lynley and Havers are about to interrogate a schoolboy who's at the heart of the case. Lynley tells his friend that by law, an appropriate adult must be present, and he can't think of any adult more appropriate than his friend.
  • "Payment In Blood":
    • Lynley is convinced he's acted unprofessionally during the Case of the Week and tells Barbara he's thinking of resigning. Her flat response? "You resign, I resign."
  • ''For The Sake Of Elena":
    • Although they were supposed to head to Cambridge immediately, Lynley puts that all on hold to help Havers look for her missing mum.
  • "Missing Joseph":
    • "One thing you are not is an inadequate human being!" Lynley to Havers, after Havers is upset at herself for considering having her mother committed to a nursing home.
  • "Deception on His Mind'':
    • Barbara and Lynley, at the end.
      Lynley: You saved our lives out there. It was an amazing thing you did.
      Barbara: I wanted to kill her. [she sniffles] You know, I was so proud of working with her. She was everything I ever wanted to be.
      Lynley: [holding back tears] Sometimes people let you down.
      Barbara: You haven't. Ever.
      [cue meaningful Held Gaze]
  • "A Traitor To Memory":
    • Havers has been harbouring a feeling of Et Tu, Brute? towards Lynley for a while. Then:
      Havers: Webberley wants a coverup, and he's relying on your loyalty to him to get it.
      Lynley: No, see, that's the thing I think you've got wrong. I think he's counting on my loyalty to you.
      Havers: To me?
      Lynley: [nods, smiles]
    • And then immediately after:
      Lynley: You are not meant to know this. Weberly wanted to have you sacked. I had to persuade him to let you stay. Which is why I wasn't going to let you throw it all away. [hands her her resignation letter]
    • And also:
      Lynley: All I'm saying is, if you're leaving - if you're really leaving - I'm going to miss you.
    • This is capped off by the final moments of the episode, with the two of them standing next to a bonfire. After they've finished burning what they came there to burn, he turns to go - and she stills him by placing a hand on his chest, then throws her resignation letter into the fire. No words are exchanged. They don't need to be. From that moment on, their trust in each other is absolute.
  • "A Cry For Justice":
    • The look on Lynley's face when Barbara tells him she's been reinstated.
      Lynley: Oh, Havers. That is... that's... [beaming smile]
    • In the next scene, he can't stop calling her "Sergeant" and grinning like a schoolboy.
  • "If Wishes Were Horses":
    • Havers soothing Lynley when he's beating himself up over the attack on Helen and her consequent miscarriage:
      Havers: You weren't sure that you were up to it? Worried about how your life might change? I mean, I'm no expert, but everyone has those doubts. But this...this is not your fault.
    • And later, after Lynley's been shouting at Havers for leaving the unconscious Helen unattended for a few minutes:
      Havers: Sir, maybe you could get someone else to stand guard tomorrow?
      Lynley: Yes, I could. But...there is no one I trust as much as you.
      Havers: What, even after today?
      Lynley: Especially after today. And I'm... I'm sorry.
  • "In Divine Proportion":
    • Havers asks a suspect to relinquish his gun for forensic examination. The suspect starts to hand the gun over to her, but Lynley steps forward and takes it instead. He glances concernedly at the visibly uncomfortable Havers, who is still suffering from the emotional effects of being shot at the end of the previous episode.
    • When Paula Marshall notices that Lynley is distressed about something, she asks him if he had spoken to Helen (after Lynley tells her about his and Helen's separation earlier in the episode). He replies that he's just worried about Havers.
    • Barbara is held hostage at gunpoint - on her first case back after taking a bullet to the stomach in the series 3 finale. She's terrified out of her skin, but largely keeps in control until she is rescued - at which point she whales the tar out of the hostage-taker until Lynley pulls her off, then bursts into tears and cries herself out against Lynley's chest as he holds her. The kicker? He kisses the top of her hair as she cries. The scene, in full, is here.
    • This is also an episode in which Lynley and Havers don't really have any conflicts or arguments with each other. Lynley spends the episode being concerned about Havers and complimenting her work on her first case back after she's shot, which is a nice change after the incredibly angst-ridden previous episode.
  • "In The Guise Of Death":
    • This delightfully awkward conversation between Lynley and Havers, when they try to show their concern for each other:
      Havers: [running up to Lynley] Sir, good to see you. Thought I'd lost you for a minute. Are you all right?
      Lynley: I'm fine. How's [a suspect] bearing up?
      Havers: Stewing nicely.
      Lynley: [stopping suddenly] And you? Are you bearing up?
      Havers: I'm fine. I'm fine.
      Lynley: [taking her arm] You will tell me if you're not, won't you?
      Havers: Yeah...[Freeing her arm] We should go speak to [the suspect].
  • "Word Of God":
    • Lynley shows up at Barbara's flat in the middle of the night. Heartfelt and emotional baring of souls ensues, concluding with the mutual admission that they are each other's reason to get up in the morning.
  • "Natural Causes":
    • What Lynley says to Havers just before knowing the outcome of his disciplinary hearing.
      "I couldn't have wished for a better colleague - or friend."
  • "One Guilty Deed":
    • Havers is struck down by the villain with a stone to the head. Lynley forgets about chasing the villain, runs up to where Havers is lying on the ground, lies down besides her, and brushes away a few twigs from her hair to make sure that she is all right.
  • "In The Blink Of An Eye":
    • This conversation between Havers and Lynley:
      Havers: You know, the more we find out about this bloke Rooker, the less he adds up. Bit like when I first met you.
      Lynley: Meaning?
      Havers: Well, posh guy with a heart. Didn't quite make sense.
    • Lynley has hit rock-bottom and is sitting alone on a park bench. Havers walks up to him:
      Lynley: What are you doing here?
  • "Limbo":
    • The loyalty Lafferty shows to Lynley. We all know where Havers' allegiance lies, but Lafferty is the real surprise. He even risks being arrested for Lynley's sake.
    • Last lines.
      Havers: "Welcome back, you."

In General

  • Whenever Lynley refers to Havers as "my sergeant".
  • Any episode in which Havers acts as The Confidant to Lynley.
  • Nathaniel Parker saying, after the show ended, that the worst part about leaving Lynley behind was not working five months of the year with Sharon any more. When he did a guest spot on Lewis, another crime drama, he noted that he kept looking around for her and being puzzled when she wasn't there.

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