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  • Also a Funny Moment:
    Michael: I still can't believe that you came to the Vampires' Masquerade Ball dressed as a vampire.
    Harry: Not just a vampire, a cheesy vampire. Do you think they got the point?
  • Harry, outnumbered by the vampires, manages to win by putting enough magic into the area to awaken the ghosts of all the people that the vampires have killed over the years. The ghosts not only completely annihilate the vamps, but cause the entire mansion to implode on itself in a fireball.
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  • Harry lets the villain kill him in his dreams, but uses the villain's weakening of the border between worlds to make his ghost appear to assist in killing the villain and has someone (who could quite possibly kill him) perform CPR on him the next minute. The entire thing possibly counts as Foreshadowing to later events.
  • But to get there Harry and company have to cross into the Nevernever where his fairy godmother waits to bind him into lifelong servitude. But Harry has a plan. As soon as she appears, Thomas and Michael throw two boxes of nails around Harry. As Lea shrieks about them defiling the soil, Harry uses his contingency plan. Thomas reveals that the nails were an aluminum distraction. Harry had used the time to eat Destroying Angel, a poisonous toadstool that will destroy his organs in a few hours and kill him within days. However, Michael has St. Mary's thistle, a temporary antidote for mushroom poisoning, which he's willing to trade in exchange for Lea leaving Harry alone for a year and a day. Made even better by the fact that other than the nail distraction, Harry was completely honest about the whole thing.
    Harry: I don't bluff if I can help it. I'm not too good at it.
    • Bonus, the same mushroom poisoning kept the vampires from draining him dry later. They got badly poisoned.
  • Nightmare is threatening to eat Harry's heart. Harry then corrects his grammar.
    Nightmare: I shall rip out thy heart!
    Harry: It's THINE heart.
  • Michael turning up at the graveyard where the Nightmare had taken Charity:
    "Dost thou not realise, fool? This is thy death come upon thee."
    A boot planted itself heavily on the marble beside me. Then another. Amoracchius cast a glowing white light upon my shoulder, and Michael said, "I think not."
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  • Michael comforting Harry after everything's over and Harry's in the hospital. Harry's worried about the karmic comeuppance he may be in for due to him unleashing the magical forces mentioned above.
    Michael: I'm not a philosopher, Harry. But here's something for you to think about, at least. What goes around comes around. And sometimes you get what's coming around...and sometimes you are what's coming around. You see what I mean?
  • Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment Harry rejects Bianca's offer and starts the war with the Red Court because of Susan.
    Harry: I love her.
    Bianca: What? What did you say?
    Harry: I said, I love her.
    Bianca: She is already half mine.
    Harry: So? I still love her.
    Bianca: She isn't even fully human any longer, Dresden. It won't be long before she is a sister to me.
    Harry: Maybe. Maybe not. Get your hands off my girlfriend.
    Bianca: You are mad. You would flirt with chaos, destruction-with war. For the sake of this one wounded soul?
    Harry: For the sake of one soul. For one loved one. For one life. The way I see it, there's nothing else worth fighting a war for.
    • Not to mention a Fridge Tearjerker considering how the war with the Red Court ends.
  • At the vampire ball, Kelly Hamilton, a Red Court Vampire, places a hand on Michael Carpenter's shoulder. Her hand immediately bursts into white hot flame, leaving her screaming in agony. Michael's mere touch made a vampire spontaneously combust. Even better was his nonchalant response.
    Michael: Sorry, that happens sometimes.
  • "I reached for fire - and fire answered me." 'Nuff said.
    • This is often overshadowed by his Person of Mass Destruction tendencies in later books, and is worth dwelling on. At this point, Harry has had a chunk taken out of his magic and is additionally weakened by having four times broken his bargain with Lea, so that he struggles even with making some light. And then he burns down the topiary with flames that shoot fifty feet into the air. Picture fifty feet. Are you picturing them? That is a lot of feet.
      • (For those Tropers in metric, that's over 15 meters).
    • There is another thing about that line that can be easily missed; the reason wizards use ancient language or nonsense words to cast spells is that using words from languages they actually speak risk damaging their brains and causing the power to surge out when they don't want it to. For Harry to summon fire using regular language, he was so far past caring that wasn't on the same continent anymore.
  • The introduction of Ferrovax. Ferrovax is literally a force of nature, maybe two tiers down from out-and-out godhood.
    • Also the reveal that Michael was the one who slew Siriothrax.

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