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Nightmare Fuel / Grave Peril

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  • Mickey Mallone's condition and the barbed-wire curse. "Hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts..." along with high pitched giggling.
    • Everything about the Nightmare was scary!
    Murphy just sat there, staring ahead. Another low breath rattled out, not quite making a sound-but I recognized the effort she was making for what it was.
    Murphy was screaming.
  • The end of Grave Peril where the Red Court vampires, led by Bianca, attack him in what could only be described as a gang rape scenario. Harry is so traumatized that whenever he brings it up it later books, he still talks about having nightmares, even in Changes. He never goes into detail, instead saying only "They did things to me," which is extremely disturbing coming from Harry "Badass" Dresden.
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  • Harry's magical evil doppelganger made for some in-universe Nightmare Fuel for Murphy in later books.
  • Agatha Hagglethorn's attack on the nursery, and how all those helpless babies ... hushed. Talk about Adult Fear!

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