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Tear Jerker / Grave Peril

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  • "She only wrote three words in the card. I'll let you guess what they were."
  • Sonia Malone's ordeal when her husband inexplicably goes violently insane.
  • Seeing Michael, so formidable and confident under normal circumstances, reduced to helplessness and self-doubt when his newborn son's life hangs by a thread in the hospital.
  • Murphy's ordeal can be absolutely heartbreaking. Especially the aftermath
  • Right after Harry is "taken" by Bianca and her Red Court vampires, when he regains some sense again, his narration relates a memory how his father would comfort him whenever he woke from a nightmare as a child. Then there's this:
    I screamed until I ran out of breath, and then all I could do was sob. I lay there, naked, undone. No one came to hold me. No one came to make it all better. No one had, really, since my dad died.
    • (This is made even worse by the fact that only a few minutes later, once he's got himself pulled together all alone, he provides a shoulder to cry on for Justine and then Susan, who are imprisoned with him and at least Justine knew what had happened to him, but apparently she was in no shape to show him some sympathy.)

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