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It's a mafiosi piece with RWBY characters; what do you expect?!

Spoilers are unmarked.

  • "The Mancunian Candidate" features perhaps one of the best-written shoot-out scenes in the fandom. Blake infiltrates a White Fang meeting, burgles it, and goes One-Woman Army on them, slaughtering all the mafiosi for murdering her father years before. But the heroin importers they were meeting with escaped outside ... only for Ruby to pick them off with her sniper rifle, in the dark.
    • And on that note, Ruby is said to have gotten into the Special Forces (the best of the best within English military, for reference) at the age of twenty.
  • "1989" happens after a ten-year timeskip. During that time, Yang and Pyrrha set up a thriving car dealership/customisation shop (with teams NDGO and BRNZ as the employees), as a front for their respective arson and thieving gangs. Weiss founded and still runs a ice cream and coffee house (staffed by team ABRN) that hides their making and planting drugs on dealers and cartels who muscle in on the Vale, complete with tipping off the police about their activities. Ren has made his own crime-scene cleaning business (with CRDL as his workers) - which comes in real handy for making their slaughter of murderers and rapists look like accidents or suicides. And to cap it off, Blake runs an Italian restaurant and co-owns a gay-friendly nightclub with Nora, Jaune has his own law firm, and Ruby works as a primary-school teacher when she isn't sniping people. Fortune favours the bold, indeed.
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  • "Business As Usual" shows Weiss's crew doing their thing on an unsuspecting Adam Taurus. Even though he'd stopped making it at the time, one can't deny the effectiveness of Weiss's M.O.
  • "The Goon Show Incident" gives us Cinder's first mission as a member of the Bellas. She is sent to spy on a business lunch that Roman's holding with Dr. Watts, Emerald and Mercury. She does it by taping a wireless microphone to the underside of their table, placing the receiver and tape recorder in the private bar area, and gains casual work as their waitress for the day - all due to the small fact that her unwitting brother works on the wait staff there.
  • "Untouchable" has the twin vengeances that the Bellas enact against team FNKI (who are corrupt cops in this setting) and Adam Taurus.
    • Ren and his crew manage to kidnap team FNKI and place them within Yang's painting booth - which has conveniently been covered with plastic matting a la Dexter. Ren then proceeds to hoist Neon (who'd raped Nora while the others guarded the van) onto a hook, shoved a crowbar up her womanhood and "stirred it like his coffee". After complaining in a Tyrian-esque manner about Neon being a candiless pinata, Ren then proceeds to bash Neon brutally with that crowbar, before removing her from the hook. What happens next manages to disgust his own men; Ren sheathes his penis in sandpaper ... and rapes her hard enough to cause her to bleed to death. The rest of the cops merely got burned and bashed in with hammers, before all four of them were dumped in their lockers at Atlas Station with cacti shoved up their backsides.
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    • Ruby shoots Adam's nuts off deep within a nature reserve, blinds him with a pair of knives, and duct-tapes his mouth, eyes and limbs together. Bundling him into his own van, Ruby finds a circular bandsaw within, and drives the van towards a barrel of unused oil within a quarry's blasting pit. She proceeds to saw him in half vertically, arse first, until she reaches his neck. Then, she chops his head off, places his halves upside down within the barrel, then floats his head on top. After taking a Polaroid, Ruby shoots a flare gun at the barrel and burns his remains.
  • "Enter The Pigs" shows Ozpin's decisive action in dealing with the corruption and unusual murders of team FNKI; establishing Operation Rosewood to handle any and all cases of that nature, with Sun at the helm, Velvet as his second-in-command, and the rest of teams SSSN and CFVY as the beat force.
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  • Also in "Enter The Pigs", Blake is Properly Paranoid enough to send Ruby to monitor Hazel and Port, who are also corrupt cops. She trails them to Roman's compound, and hides in the hedgerow at his back fence to spy on Adam Taurus's funeral. She consequently discovers the plan to burn Blake's restaurant, as a means of increasing the profits of their restaurant - the Amity. Ruby takes a still image of Hazel and Port being given money by Roman and Watts, then high-tails it out of there.
  • How does Ruby deal with the corrupt cops in "Lines Drawn"? By slipping the images of their bribery under Velvet's apartment door. She finds them the morning after, rushes to Atlas Terrace station, and copies the images and leaves one pair in Port's office, the second in Hazel's, and the originals get given to Chief Inspector Goodwitch. Needless to say, Hazel and Port resign quick-smart.
  • The Caper that gets planned in "Lines Drawn" and enacted in "Watts The Fool Believes" to counteract the first foray from Torchwick and co. is chock-a-block full of these.
    • First stage: Ruby goes with Cinder, Octavia and Gwen to Dr. Watts' accounting business at sparrow's fart. They break in, and Octavia and Gwen manage to locate his copy of the final development proposal. After photocopying that, they leave while Cinder does her "microphone-under-the-table" trick in Watts's office, leaving her and Ruby to monitor his meeting with Emerald and Tyrian in the car, capturing the whole thing with her tape recorder and receiver. Later that day, Cinder goes to get her and Jaune's law firm's accounts audited with him, and steals the microphone from under his own nose.
    • Second stage: Pyrrha has found out that Dr. Watts used her to mod out a Jaguar XJS for him to use as an escape vehicle in the planned Vytal restaurant sting. She convinces him to pay her back by lay-by and sign a shoddy contract, then gets Dew to seduce him and steal the spare key to his new car.
    • Third stage: In the lead-up to the destruction of the Amity, Pyrrha takes the spare key and walks to Watts's home while he walks his dog. She takes his car back, finding a ton of fire-starting equipment (including a piece of C4) that she hands over to Yang. Also, Watts had sold off his old car, leaving him completely unable to torch the Vytal.
    • Fourth stage: That same night, Ren and his guards watch over the Vytal on Blake's urging - and then the master-stroke of the whole plan unfolds. Nebula takes a job trial at the Amity, then hides within the restaurant as the other staff leave. Once they're gone, she disables the alarm, empties whatever she can, and lets Yang, May, Brawnz, Gwen and Octavia into the restaurant. The thieves completely turn the place over, while Yang and her firebugs completely smother the place with their explosives and let the gas run throughout the restaurant. After getting out of there, Yang lights the trail of fuel, then gets in her car and floors it out of the way before the Amity blows up completely. Batman Gambit doesn't begin to cover that sequence of events.
  • In "Roman Invasion", Blake manages to convincingly play the part of a worried restaurateur on camera for Lisa Lavender's report into what's been called "the Amity barbecue".
  • The whole scenario with Torchwick and Lionheart counts, as explained in "Roman Invasion". Roman reveals to Emerald how he got Mayor Lionheart on-side for his plans; he got a hold of a photo of Lionheart kissing his brother-in-law, and has him by the balls.
    • Lionheart gets one as well, by actually getting Roman to allow some leeway in the plans if the other councilors object to the budget-cutting measures that Roman's taken.
  • At the start of "Ides Of April", Lionheart exposes Roman's plans to Ilia Amitola (a right-wing naysayer journalist in this AU), and she releases a front-page article about it the very next day.
    • After he guns Cinder down, Watts is murdered when he enters his offices to fetch some emergency cash. Octavia and Gwen cleaned the place out, before Nolan and Yang loaded explosives within the building and blew it up when Watts entered.
  • The Bellas bow out in style in "Fall Of The Roman Empire", killing Mercury, Emerald, and Roman in that order throughout the course of a single day.
  • "All Bad Things ..." features an amazingly well-written wedding between Weiss and Ren, followed with a hefty serve of Laser-Guided Karma when Sun and Velvet raid the reception and clasp the Bellas in cuffs.
  • "... Must Come To Their Ends" features Pyrrha narrowly avoid the fuzz by going to renew her parking ticket, then destroying the last pieces of evidence irretrievably before the fuzz capture her. The end result? All the Bellas walk free, with Blake and Neo the only ones not out of the woods yet.
  • "Bunny Hopping" features an amazing car chase scene, as Jaune flees from the fuzz with Ciel trapped in his car boot. He creates car pile-ups and switches fake number plates as he journeys from the Vale all the way to Botany Bay. Indeed, had the man in front of him on the stairs to the plane not retched into his face, Jaune could've made it out of Sydney without getting arrested.

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