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Despite being a fic about mafiosi and villainy, Goodbellas has its fair share of heartwarming moments.

Spoilers are unmarked.

  • The first time that Yang and Ruby meet each other in the flesh during "The Mancunian Candidate" qualifies. Even though they'd written letters and called one another while Ruby still lived in England, they'd never seen one another before that point, and they hug before anything else.
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  • In the same chapter, Blake taking in Weiss (an escapee from East Berlin) and Ren (a Vietnamese refugee who fought with the Australian forces) also counts.
  • "Business As Usual" off-handedly mentions that Yang was given a brand-new, golden Holden Astra by Blake and Pyrrha for her thirty-third birthday. That's a level of generosity one wouldn't usually find in those circles.
  • "The Goon Show Incident" showcases Pyrrha's thirtieth birthday, which is Valentine's Day.
    • First, Ruby cooks a Thessalian breakfast for Pyrrha, and goes balls-out over the contents.
    • Second, Ruby and Blake get her a tawny Ford Fairmont XT which Yang and May personally modified.
    • Thirdly, the leadership of the Bellas throw a party for her, including a lemon meringue pie in the shape of a dick.
    • And last, there's the romp she and Ruby engage in that evening, which is followed with the news that Yang and Nora got raped. Ruby and Pyrrha promptly clean up, get dressed, and blaze it to Vale Hospital.
  • "Untouchable" has a few of these, albeit as part of the Bellas' Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Ruby personally kills Adam for screwing her sister, while Ren and his cronies avenge their underboss.
    • A downplayed example, given their corruption, but both Hazel and Port punished team FNKI for their actions against the Bellas in that chapter.
  • "Enter The Pigs" has Sun comforting Velvet after she discovers the corpses of FNKI, who'd been dumped there by Ren the night before.
    • Roman's friendship with Adam counts; they'd been friends and companions for years, and Roman is said to have delivered a eulogy good enough to give him a parish to preach in.
  • "Lines Drawn" displays the care Ruby has for other people. When Blake gets completely drunk over the first round of the NRL, Ruby leaves her hangover food, aspirin, and notes on Torchwick's plans as well as a counterplan.
    • When they plan the destruction of the Amity, Cinder asks Blake to hire her brother, who works on the wait staff there. Blake agrees, and fulfils her promise two chapters later.
    • Additionally, Ruby remembers Velvet and her love of animals fondly as she slips incriminating evidence about Hazel and Port underneath her apartment door.
  • "Watts The Fool Believes" features Arc Furnace set sail, amidst one hell of a caper.
  • "Roman Invasion" has tons of these, given that it features Ruby's thirty-first birthday.
    • First, Pyrrha cooked her a full English breakfast, repaying Ruby's efforts on her birthday.
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    • Next, Ruby gets given a party by her students and the principal, complete with a blondie cake with melted chocolate throughout it - in other words, a cookie cake.
    • When she returns, Ruby receives gifts from Ren (who gives her a pair of Disc World novels), Nora (who gives her Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency), and Weiss (who invents a new spider for Ruby and gives her five free drinks to use up at any time).
    • And after all of that, Velvet swings around and gives Ruby a baby Pembroke Welsh Corgi (no prizes for guessing his name), before Qrow, Yang and Blake join Ruby and Pyrrha for a night of Dungeons & Dragons.
  • "Revelations and Rumours" has Sun cheering a rather-stressed Blake up by treating her to dinner and sex at his place.
  • "Fall Of The Roman Empire" has Mercury promising to protect Emerald when they flee, and Emerald repaying that promise by bedding him.
  • "All Bad Things ..." has one of the best-written wedding scenes in the fandom, and for an unpopular ship at that (Weiss and Ren). Special mention goes to Winter and Weiss seeing each other for the first time in twelve years, along with the speech Blake gives about marriage at the start of the service.
  • Kali Belladonna goes full Mama Bear and provides substantial evidence that Blake wasn't responsible for murdering Oscar Pine.
  • The work proper ends with Pyrrha giving birth to twin sons (one of them hers, the other Ruby's), Yang and Nora revealing they're expecting twin girls, and the news that Sun's engaged to Velvet, who'd also gotten knocked up.

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