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There are quite a few heartwarming moments to be found in this fic series.

First Contact:

  • Queen Jane offering Ensign Suremark asylum.

The Great Escape:

  • Karkat's determination to protect Twitchy, despite the danger he himself is in.
  • Karkat finally meeting someone who shares his blood color.
  • Once he realises that Karkat's not kidding about the pirates, Sollux's only reaction is to tell him to run and save himself.

Dream Sequencer:

  • Karkat dropping everything to tell John what neuromuscular remapping is.
  • Karkat learning the other troll kids were worried about him.
  • Karkat describing the other troll kids as his friends, despite barely knowing them.

Stillness of Hours

  • Sabiha responding to Karkat's breakdown by flat out calling the people who think Karkat's a tragic hero 'repulsive assholes'.
  • Karkat meeting the parents of the child he saved in The Great Escape.
  • John comes to see Karkat.
  • Jinda's mother's speech. "This is Jinda. She is my long-held dream. For twelve sweeps we prepared ourselves for her arrival. We loved her long before she existed. We were commemorating her hatching day when the ships came. Thanks to you, we will be able to commemorate again her next one."
  • Karkat and John decide to learn each other's languages because their translators aren't working.
    • "You are forever friend. Okay?"

(i'll see you on) the other side:

  • Eudora freaks out at the sight of a child sex slave, and once he recovers, beggars himself to buy her so she won't wind up being raped for the rest of her life. He and his crew then set up a home for her on the ship and go out of their way to be nice to her in every way they can.
  • Eudora himself is one of the nicest trolls in existence. Upon discovering that one of the corpsesnote  he intended to feed to his plants was actually alive (and wasn't even part of his crew in the first place), instead of just culling her and feeding her to the plant anyway, he instead nursed her back to health himself and let her hang around on his ship. He treats everyone like an equal, and just wants to garden and be chill instead of the usual highblood rampaging.
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  • Chapter 7 reveals that the Spiceler is the head of a secret faction among the Horticutters who have made it their mission to buy any child sex-slave stolen off Alternia, kill the sellers along with anyone who buys a child for a sex-slave, and rehabilitate the child. Eudora made all this faction incredibly happy when he bought Zaphir and managed to bring her back to herself, without even knowing of their existence.


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