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Awesome / For Your Eyes Only

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Before you bet on the motorbikes getting him, remember that the guy skiing is James Bond.
  • The opening scene, where Bond finally gets rid of Blofeld and avenges Tracy's murder by dropping him down a factory smokestack.
    • And the buildup, where he responds to Blofeld taking remote control of the helicopter by climbing along the outside to the pilot's seat.
    • On a meta-level, it was a satisfying Take That! towards Kevin McClory and his ownership of SPECTRE, showing that the franchise didn't need them to stay viable, especially since the next Eon Productions film, Octopussy, ended up beating McClory's finished film, Never Say Never Again.
  • The elaborate car chase fleeing Gonzalez's compound. Starting with Bond's Cool Car self-destructing, preventing him from using all sorts of gadgets to help escape. He's stuck driving with Melina's beat-up used Citroën 2CV car, which he still manages to use to evade the Mooks and force them into trees and other obstacles.
    • That 2CV had a total of twenty-nine horsepower new, and engines wear out and lose power over time. It takes some skill to evade two other cars, each putting out three times the engine output at the minimum. note 
  • The ski chase, certainly the craziest of the whole series. It starts on a ski jumping ramp. Bond is chased all the way down a mountain (including through a bobsleigh track) by Kriegler and another mook on bikes. What's even better? Bond loses his sticks (one gets destroyed by Kriegler, and he uses the other to get rid of the unnamed bike mook), and successfully evades with only his boots and boards.
    • Kriegler becoming so utterly furious after crashing his bike and his rifle rendered disabled, he straight up lifts the bike and throws it at Bond with it coming very close despite Bond being a good distance away.
  • Bond kicks Locque's car over a cliff. It's the most vicious Bond ever gets with a villain's lackey during Roger Moore's tenure, but considering all the deaths Locque has caused, Bond had every reason to do it.
    • This is also very awesome for those who didn't get along with the otherwise Lighter and Softer Moore, because even despite Moore's typical take on Bond, the scene just works. Mostly just as an example of OOC Is Serious Business, but still...
  • The assault on an impressively positioned hideout atop a freestanding mountain pillar by Bond, Melina and Columbo's smugglers.
  • Melina Havelock pulling off a successful cross-bow in the back of Gonzalez diving into his swimming pool.
    • And putting one in the chest of one of Bond's pursuers when the camera shot made it appear as though she was going to kill him.
  • Columbo taking out Kristatos with a knife to the back.
  • Bond knocking Kriegler out of a stained glass window using a candelabra.
  • Bond destroying the ATAC rather than give it to the Soviets. Even General Gogol is amused, despite having wasted his journey.
    "That's detente, comrade. You don't have it, I don't have it".