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Nightmare Fuel / For Your Eyes Only

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The Film
  • Hector Gonzales dives into his pool... then emerges dead, with Melina's crossbow bolt in his back (the page image).
  • Melina's parents get gunned down on their quiet little vessel, while she's underneath. The Eyed Screen indicates she's about to get dangerous.
    • Her parents, who had been waving at Gonzales' approaching plane, clearly realize that something is dreadfully wrong right before he opens fire.
  • Emile Leopold Locque. A silent, psychopathic and ruthless dragon, with a Death Glare to boot.
    • We're told that he escaped from prison by strangling his psychiatrist.
    • His death is pretty chilling by Roger Moore standards. He's trapped in his car by a cliff side and it's about to fall down. He's begging for help as Bond shoves the car, causing it to fall down with him, screaming.
  • At least Locque was inside something. In the Action Prologue, "Blofeld" was in a wheelchair, racing to avoid the exact same helicopter he had hoped to trap Bond in. He gets hooked up by the skids and transported to the very same factory he'd hoped to have it crash into. A little dip of the chopper and he falls right into the mouth of the smokestack. The visual effect that ends the scene is on par with Eat the Camera.
  • Bond and Melina explore the wreckage of the St. George's, with the corpses of the crew still there. They are followed and attacked by one of Kristatos' henchmen in a JIM diving suit, with pincers as hands and Vader Breath as he approaches.
    • Then a Mantis submarine attacks them when they're inside the Neptune, tries to wreck it and almost drills into the cockpit's window glass.
  • The poor henchman that gets devoured by sharks due to Bond's efforts to avoid drowning (admittedly, the "devoured by sharks" part was unintentional). He dies begging his boss to save him as the sharks eat him.
  • For anyone with fear of heights, the mountain climbing fight scene.
  • The bit with the goons stalking Bond through the ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo is pretty nerve-wracking.


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