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  • The entire opening pre-credits sequence with the Bede BD-5 mini-jet still holds up.
  • Bond's Batman Gambit where he forces Kamal to bid even higher for the Faberge egg at the auction, suspecting a connection to his fellow agent's murder when a duplicate of said egg was recovered. Having successfully forced Kamal's hand, Bond then makes clear his intent to blackmail Kamal when he switches the real egg with the duplicate. Even M, who was shocked at Bond's actions seems mildly impressed just as Bond departs for India.
  • When Orlov is interrogated by Bond, he gives him an Oh, Crap! moment to rival a similar scene in Goldfinger, with just two words:
    Bond: I am more concerned about an atomic bomb exploding on a US Air Force base! You surely can't be inviting a full-scale nuclear war. What happens when the US retaliates?
    General Orlov: Against whom?
    Bond: My God... of course. Our early-warning system will rule out the possibility of that bomb having been launched from Russia or anywhere else. Everyone will assume incorrectly... that it was a American bomb triggered accidentally.
    Orlov: Well, that would be the most plausible explanation.
    Bond: Europe will insist on unilateral disarmament, leaving every border undefended for you to walk across at will! And it doesn't matter a damn to you I suppose that thousands of innocent people will be killed in that "accident" of yours?
    Orlov: Better than letting a handful of old men in Moscow bargain away our advantage in disarmament talks!
    • Meta CMOA for Roger Moore: this scene proves that He Really Can Act despite the comedic overtones of his entire 12 years as 007.
  • Orlov's first appearance where he announces his vision for invading Western Europe; Steven Berkoff plays the part of the Large Ham in all its glory.
    • Followed up by General Gogol's impressive rejection of Orlov's warmongering, shooting down the mad general's zealous overconfidence.
  • Bond stealing Orlov's car and driving on its rims across the border in pursuit of the train, jumping clear just before another train sends his ride flying.
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  • Bond (dressed as a clown) says "I am deadly serious!" And we believe him. The fact that the scene is absurdly tense even though we see our great hero in a ridiculous clown costume proves the talent of the filmmakers and especially Roger Moore, who knew to be serious when he wanted to.
  • Q orchestrating an assault on the Big Bad's palace involving a hot-air balloon and several dozen bikini-clad jewel-thief circus contortionists.
    • The fact that these women managed to take down an entire fortress full of goons using (Mostly) non-lethal means to take them all down.
    • This leads to a great moment once Q lands the balloon; the ladies make such a fuss over helping him out of the basket... apparently Bond isn't the only Sex God at MI-6. Best of all is Q's reaction; instead of being all, "Leave me alone," it's more like, "Let me get out of this thing first!"
  • Bond rolls Kamal Khan's dice after realizing they are rigged to always land a double-six, but he doesn't bother to look at them to confirm it. He instead just stares at Kamal's pissed off face.
    Bond: Well, I should use your "lucky dice". (shakes to roll) Player's privilege. (rolls, doesn't look at the result, directly at Kamal) Double sixes. Fancy that. I win.
    • And then Bond has the gall to say, just as Kamal's writing out a check, to say "I prefer cash."
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    • Gobinda has his own CMOA by crushing the dice with his fist, never taking his eye's off Bond with a really effective Death Glare.
  • Bond's literal And This Is for... moment when he avenges 009:
    Mischka (prepares to stab Bond): And this... for my brother!
    Bond (dodges knife by swinging the door he's pinned to open, and throws his own, killing him): And that's for 009!
  • Bond sliding down a bannister with a machine gun. And he just manages to shoot the front piece off before he gets to it.
  • The whole final action sequence, with Bond clinging to the top of Kahn's plane in mid-air, even as the plane moves upside down.

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