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  • The Oil Tanker cutscene.
  • Killing the President by forcing him to overdose on whatever horrible drugs you gathered on the wastes is a very, very satisfying way to get rid of the self-righteous, genocidal bastard.
    • An even more satisfying use for the drugs is to go to First Citizen Lynette in Vault City, hear her rant about how much she hates the ghouls and how she'd rather have all her people die than give the ghouls medical supplies, then inject her with 5 super stimpaks and wait a few minutes for the harmful part of the drugs to kill her.
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    • In the same vein, the Mordino family has created untold misery by creating Jet and unleashing it into the world, all in the name of building up their own power. All it takes to break that power is to come up to Big Jesus Mordino and stick him with a single canister of Jet. You reap what you sow.
    • Louis Salvatore can be killed by stealing his oxygen tank and watching him slowly suffocate to death.
  • The first time you ever use Goris in combat, he removes his cloak to reveal... He's a Deathclaw!
  • Pretending to be an Enclave recruit to gain access inside Navarro - First thing you encounter is a pissed off Dornan who chews you out. Then he orders you to go to the armory to get yourself a ridiculously powerful suit Enclave power armor which doubles as a disguise on any Enclave instalment, including the Oil Rig. Thanks, guys!
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  • In Vault City, there's a woman whose husband started a fight in the bar outside the city proper and was forced to become a Servant to pay for the damages. To be able to save the man, you have to get into the city. With a high-Intelligence and high-Speech character, it's possible to talk a minor functionary into selling you fake citizenship papers to get into the city, extort more money than you paid by pointing out that he just gave you evidence he's selling false papers, talk your way past the guards, and convince the guy in charge at the Servant Allocation Center to let the guy go by making up a medical condition whose symptoms are basically "doesn't enjoy being a slave". At the end, you'll have more money than you started with, the eternal gratitude of the reunited couple, and near-total access to Vault City.
  • The Chosen One, a backwards, uneducated, untrained tribal, storming the Enclave Oil Rig, slaughtering their way through the power armor wearing Elite Mooks of the Enclave, overloading the reactor so the rig will explode, rescuing their friends and family, and having a climatic final battle against Frank Horrigan (a 12-foot tall cyborg mutant super soldier), after which the Enclave is defeated. Yeah, mess with the Chosen One's friends and family and they'll take about a hundred levels in badass.
    • Alternatively, the Chosen One, a backwards, uneducated, untrained tribal, infiltrating the Enclave Oil Rig, wearing a suit of Enclave power armor simply strolls right in without harassment. Finds their friends and family, and keeps going. Eventually finding the president and assassinating him without anyone realizing it. Afterwards talking the head Enclave scientist into releasing the FEV virus into the ventilation system killing every Enclave citizen not currently in power armor or the government. Then proceeding to cause the Oil Rig's reactor to go critical and making a break for the exit. Just before escaping, the Chosen One encounters an Enclave squad and convinces them to aid with killing Horrigan in exchange for a seat on the escape boat. Then in the final battle, it's Horrigan vs. the Chosen One, their small entourage of followers left in the entrance, and a squad of Enclave soldiers armed with some of the best weapons in the game. Roughly an equal fight, then the Chosen One turns the entire Oil Rig against Horrigan by setting the turrets against him. With that, the Enclave is eradicated possibly without the Chosen One ever personally firing a shot.
    • Or, the Chosen One can be a hulking, moronic brute who can barely string together a complete sentence, but can lift hundreds of pounds and shrug off plasma bolts like they're airsoft rounds. That's right, the Enclave just got its ass kicked by an idiot.
    • Or, with a Jinxed build the Chosen One, a backwards, uneducated, untrained Walking Disaster Area, strolls through the base as enemies' guns explode in their hands and feet are shot in impossible ricochets; the Chosen One's tribe stand in awe as their savior realigns the stars and commands fate itself to ensure their safety. Bonus points if you brought Sulik, for double the crazy shaman fun.
  • After listening to Cameron explain how sometimes you'll face situations where cleverness alone won't be enough and you'll have to prove yourself by fighting, you can agree with him - or you can casually steal his key, unlock the door behind his back and stroll out, effectively proving him wrong.
    • Or prove him wrong by talking him out of the fight. Either way, after being forced into the Temple of Trials, it's a good feeling.
  • A villainous example when dealing with Horrigan if you try and talk him down in Fallout boss tradition.
    Chosen One: Can't we talk this over?
    Horrigan: We just did. Time for talking's over.

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