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Nightmare Fuel / Fallout 2

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"Your ride's over, mutie. Time to die".

Just like the previous game aside from being Denser and Wackier, Fallout 2 still manages to feature a good number of disturbing stuff out there.

  • The ghost farm. With that creepy City of Lost Angels aside, all there is to it is a very large cornfield and what looks like bodies impaled on stakes. A closer look reveals that they're nothing but dummies, but in the house you can fall into a cave unexpectedly. The atmosphere of the situation does not make it calm.
    • Meanwhile, Golgotha, a massive graveyard for everyone who fell out of favor with one of the crime families in New Reno, has actual impaled human bodies around.
  • The intro in the second game is Nightmare Fuel. The first half is funny, but then it switches to the vault door opening, and you seeing a Vertibird and a few soldiers with miniguns. They all are silent, and the camera cuts to the silhouette of a family waving through the door. All of a sudden, the miniguns fire, and then the screen cuts to black with a scream echoing in the distance. Say hello to the Enclave! This is what they do.
  • Frank Horrigan himself (pictured above): Darth Vader meets The Incredible Hulk with the mind of an Eagleland psycho. Mutated at Mariposa with help from Enclave scientists, Frank had become an "ultra super mutant in power armor"; a "genetically engineered total homicidal maniac cyborg bodyguard". Bound to his suit, he can take anything you can dish at him and throw it right back at you. It gets worse that unlike The Master from the original, Frank Horrigan cannot be talked down and can take a lot of punishment. So, you'll have to kill him.
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  • Somehow managing to play Fallout 2 for so long that you reach the game's built-in 13-year time limit. Though it's mainly a still image of the wasteland with "THE END", the Scare Chord and blowing wind make it unnecessarily spooky, especially when you aren't expecting it (not to mention how it just dumps you to the title screen without a word afterwards.)
  • Myron. Just let him tell his story about how he developed Jet to get an idea of how much of a sociopathic monster he is.
  • Dick Richardson. He might look like a rather unassuming old man, but this is the leader of the Enclave. This is the man ordering soldiers to kidnap villages and gun down entire families, and who has plans for mass genocide. When you meet him in person, he's polite enough, but the longer you talk to him, the more it really sinks in how callous and indifferent he really is to the suffering of wastelanders due to his actions. In his eyes, nobody outside of the Enclave is human. Not even you. He very casually explains that they needed to kidnap the people from Arroyo and Vault 13 for use as test subjects to perfect their modified FEV, which they intend to use to kill everyone outside of their oil rig. And there's no negotiating with him about releasing it- he's certain it's the only way to preserve humanity and democracy.
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  • In Broken Hills, there is a quest where the protagonist has to find a group the missing people. You find their gruesomely mutilated corpses in the tunnels below with a mutant note which states the intetion to implicate the human inhabitans in those murders.
  • The wanamingo. You know, the... things in the Redding mines. Besides being extremely difficult. They're so alien. At least you can tell that the deathclaws are mutated reptilians, but the wanamingo, you have no idea what they are.


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