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The Highwayman: Ordinary car, or damaged TARDIS?
  • It can accommodate the player character, a super mutant, a deathclaw, and a brain-bot without difficulty, despite looking to be only about the size of a 1950s four-door saloon. Clearly Bigger on the Inside.
    • You're all silly. Obviously Goris and Marcus are simply car surfers who were born too late. Skynet is technically a robot from his head down, so snap off his brain-jar and stuff the torso in the trunk.
  • The trunk, too — and, at least in the unpatched game, the trunk *also* has a nasty habit of randomly disappearing and never being seen again, taking whatever it contains at the time along for the ride. (Hope you didn't have anything too important in there...) While a properly working TARDIS only jettisons rooms at its pilot's behest, a malfunctioning one might well do so at random.

Fallout 2 programs exist in the same universe as Wreck-It Ralph
Yeah, yeah, Wreck-It Ralph is basically the Grand Unified Theory of game universes, but Fallout 2 has evidence in-universe. The Cafe of Broken Dreams is probably just the Tapper house for cRPG characters.

Dogmeat's a different dog
You find the Cafe of Broken Dreams in the wasteland, right? So maybe what "really" happened is you found the Cafe, delirious with thirst, "met" a whole gang of Fourth Wall-breaking hallucinations and also a real dog.

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