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Tear Jerker / Fallout 2

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  • In Modoc, Balthas gives the Chosen One a quest to search for his missing son Jonny. Finding the latter's BB gun and showing it to Balthas gives him quite a breakdown over losing his son… Of course, the quest is still active.
    • Related is the quest to find Karl, being given a time limit of one month before Modoc will slaughter the Slags, whose caves Jonny is in. Mayor Jo won't even talk to your character if you fail, only repeating in sorrow that they killed even the children. Go ahead. Let the Fridge Horror kick in.
  • Also in Modoc live Farrel and Cornelius. The two have been best friends for over thirty years, but the recent loss of the latter's watch has been putting a strain on their friendship because everybody believes Farrel did it, leading to the poor man's isolation. When you find the watch in a cave under the toilet, you can tell Cornelius that Farrel really stole it, irreparably damaging their friendship.
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  • The only reason Sulik joins you is because you told him you'll help him find his sister, who he believes has been taken by slavers. There isn't a quest or anything to find her.
  • ACE is an advanced medical computer with artificial intelligence. You could ask it how it feels and it will tell you that it's lonely and finds it disconcerting. You ask this in response to the statement that true artificial intelligence projects were discontinued because of the high suicide rates of true AI.
    ACE:The suicide rate among true artificial intelligence machines was extremely high. When given full sensory capability the machines became depressed over their inability to go out into the world and experience it. When deprived of full sensory input the machines began to develop severe mental disorders similar to those among humans who are forced to endure sensory deprivation.
  • In contrast to the commonly funny low Intelligence conversations with other characters in the game, Hakunin's one after Arroyo has been invaded is actually pretty sad because the Chosen One doesn't understand the shaman is attempting to get it through to them.
    • Even without being a low-Intelligence character, it's a powerful Mood Whiplash. You finally retrieved the holy GECK, your village is going to be saved... and as soon as as you touch down back in Arroyo, you are greeted by the site of a bloody and broken Hakunin, telling you how evil men got here before you, and many of your kinsmen were vaporized after being too weak to fight back, and others captured.
  • If you brought your companions with you to the Enclave Oil Rig, you probably made them wait before you tackled the puzzle room so that the alarms wouldn't be raised. By the time you've done your business, you couldn't come back for them and they end up dying after you destroy the oil rig. Unless you interpret they were smart enough to swim away to safety. Even then, if you want to continue your game, they won't be there.


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