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A Prequel will be made, called Fallout : Brotherhood of Steel 78

In the style of Fallout 76, it will be set six months after the bombs. You are a US Army Private First Class who has just graduated from Advanced Infantry Training and we’re assigned to Roger Maxson’s company deployed at the Mariposa base. In the game prologue you will be shown to be the one who initially discovered the actual nature of FEV experiments and informed Captain Maxson. You then participated in the exodus to the Lost Hills bunker. After having sheltered in place for six months, you have been sent out by your lonesome to reconnoiter the nearby town and report back on how the civilian population is doing. Although still an Initiate due to your low Army rank, you are promised a promotion to Knight should you return.


You discover that the nearby city is overrun by feral ghouls, crazed robots and weird creature chimeras that shouldn’t naturally exist - and civilians cowering in fear, unable to do anything. Designated a Knight, given a basic suit of T-45 Powered Armor and a newly minted Scribe as a companion, you are sent out again to find out what’s causing the robots to go haywire, what’s creating these creature chimeras and why does there seem to be more ferals when the civilians aren’t exactly moving around.


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