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  • In order to become an initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel, you have to retrieve something from The Glow: a place that took a direct hit from a nuclear warhead, leaving the area incredibly irradiated. Not only do you survive, the task was supposed to be a fool's errand to drive away or kill unwanted applicants.
  • In Adytum, the Gun Runners owe the Vault Dweller a favor after they successfully manage to defeat four Deathclaws singlehandedly. Said favor includes wiping out the Regulators, a gang that expropriates Adytum's resources and forces labor on the citizens while pretending to protect them from the Blades, which are a peaceful group that take the blame for any crimes the Regulators commit.
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  • Depending on how the player goes through the game, they can get any number of awesome moments. Such as convincing the Master that his plan is destined to fail.
  • The intensely graphic description of what just happens to the player character when you walk down the Master's hall.
  • The Cathedral is a huge stone building that seems perfectly intact, leading you to wonder how it avoided devastation. The answer? It didn't. The Master's minions built it themselves. Yes, there are very few intact bricks you can find in the wasteland and they built a cathedral out of what they could find. And then you go and blow it all up.
  • The Overseer gets one if the player ends up with the bad ending. When Vault 13 is overrun by the super mutants, he goes out blasting several of the mutants to hell with a mounted turret before being overwhelmed.
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  • A small one occurs when you hack the force field computer in the Military Base. Every file is protected and impossible to hack, save for one labelled "Recreational Games." So what do you do? Play Blackjack and find a way to hack into the force field control programs from the win screen. It's so awesome the game even gives you exp for your unconventional but impressive hacking skills.
  • The Vault Dweller's defeat of the Master and his army is the single most important accomplishment for life on the west coast since the end of the Great War. This can be accomplish by leading a crack group of techno-monks and warrior punk scholars in a glorious attack, utilizing powered exoskeletons and wielding the most advanced plasma and melee weapons available... or by using one of the most famous examples in games of talking the monster to death with a simple data disk. Or cheating and flipping the switch on a stored nuclear bomb within Mariposa and the Cathedral. Which of these outcomes is the most awesome is left up to the player to decide.

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