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The film

  • A boat uses another boat as a ramp, and the ramp blows up behind it.
  • The entire boat chase.
  • The opening shootout at the airport.
  • Archer staging a prison break and escaping from Erehwon, up to and including the huge slow-motion leap into the ocean and swimming all the way to shore.
  • The shootout at the apartment between the FBI and Castor's gang.
  • The final standoff at the church. Featuring the prerequisite Disturbed Doves, for extra Rule of Cool.
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  • Castor Troy foiling his own Evil Plan by disarming Sinclair. With style. And then a topless woman shows up on the little monitor when he succeeds.
  • Castor delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Jamie's boyfriend, before tossing his sorry ass over the car like the piece of garbage he is. Just think: Castor burned people alive because they were "evidence," but he won't stand by and let a Date Rape happen.
    • Oh, and Castor's version of The Talk is just the icing on the cake:
    Castor: While we're talking - do you have protection?
    Jaime: You mean, like, condoms?
    Castor: [whips out a pocket knife, in slow motion] Protection.
    • This paves the way for Jaime's Moment Of Awesome, when she uses the butterfly knife on Castor at a critical moment. And does the trick he taught her.

The reality show

  • Eric F and Kris's entry into the Giant Challenge - a twelve-foot tall monster with heads the size of a human torso, and the model reduced to tiny Jack in the giants' arms. Still one of the largest makeups ever seen on the show. It won hands-down.
  • The final designs for the Finale of each season, particularly Tate's post-apocalyptic Little Red Riding Hood in Season 1, Rayce's Sci-Fi Choreography from Season 2, Nicole's Water-based Good Witch and Demon performing action acrobatics in Season 3, Kris's Metal-based Ethereal Cirque du Soleil performance from Season 4, Laura's Renaissance swan and sorcerer ballet duo from Season 5, Tyler's Leo constellation alien duo from season 6, Drew's undead and living faun knights from season 7, Logan's Guardians Of The Galaxy-esque team from season 8, Nora's work for "The Prey" short film in season 9, Walter's pumpkin like-demon from season 10, Cig's kung fu fighters in season 11, and Andrew's mad scientist and his frankencreature in season 12.
    • The live-action combats, dance routines, and film shorts produced for various Season Finale episodes rock.
  • Two from Episode 2 of Season 4:
    • Anthony managing to win the episode and get his character into a DC comic with his superhero makeup despite the catastrophic failure of his chestpiece to even come out of the mold, just one hour before judgment time.
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    • Michael's model performing an impromptu backflip, on stage, in costume. Sure, the costume itself was in bottom looks and Michael wound up losing, but for a few glorious moments, that stunt clearly impressed everyone there, and made it look like a real potential superhero.
  • Lyma's pregnant Mother Earth is beautiful and striking.
  • Rashaad's fire man robot, you won't believe it's not metal.
  • Dina's high-fashion Aphrodite with a fantastically gorgeous seashell headdress. No wonder she got a unanimous win.
  • Darla's porcelain doll and Emily's ragdoll creations from the deadly dolls challenge look absolutely inhuman. See for yourself.
  • Ben and Jasmine's work on the Beetlejuice inspired wedding day challenge, an awesome winning look for the 100th episode.

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