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Tear Jerker / Face/Off

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  • Archer flipping out after being forced to switch faces with Castor, screaming "Fuck you!" at everyone in the vicinity after shattering a mirror would be Narm... if not for the fact that we are watching a man with severe survivor's guilt forced to wear the face of the man who murdered his son.
  • When Castor Troy weeps over Pollux's body, and lovingly ties his shoelaces for him one last time. It shows Castor feels sorry that his own brother ended up a collateral victim of his own vendetta against Archer.
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  • Archer, face restored, comes home. He's already in the arms of his wife. But then we hear "Dad?" from offscreen. The shot changes to Jamie, who is no longer dressed all punky. And her face lights up with joy as she breaks into a top speed run to hug her father. "Dad?" she says. "I'm sorry I shot you." And he just silently shakes his head and gives her the peculiar affectionate Face Palm particular to this movie to show her he forgives her.
  • For Archer, his scar from the bullet that injured him and killed his son had been a bit to the side, even when it's pointed out that it would have been a fatal wound in that case. Essentially, he wishes he'd died instead of his son.
  • Sasha's death. She saves both Archer and his wife, and is killed by Castor Troy doing so. The truly tragic part is that she thinks she's saving Castor, and that he truly loves her when it is blatantly clear he doesn't. Her final words are asking Archer to make sure her son grows up to be a good person.
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  • During the funeral, we see Archer light a candle in remembrance for his son Michael. He takes one last look at Michael's picture and silently weeps before handing the picture to a boy who in turn gives it to Castor. Castor simply crumbles up the picture and looks back, smiling menacingly.

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