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Drinking Game / Face/Off

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Take a shot if:

  • Someone's mold gets stuck
    • If three or more other contestants drop what they're doing to help unlock the mold, take a double shot
  • Someone has to scrap an important part of their makeup
    • If the scrapped part is a fabrication that malfunctions when tested, take a double shot
  • Someone's mold has small cracks in it and they forget that apoxi putty exists
  • Part of a makeup has to be discarded during Last Looks because it doesn't work/fit/look right
  • Somebody ruins their makeup's paint job by turning it "muddy", adding color they should've left out
    • If they ruin the paint job their partner just did better and piss their partner off, take a double shot
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  • They explain how the molding process works
  • McKenzie throws a twist at the artists
  • Glenn does a Bait-and-Switch

Take a double shot if:

  • The contestants have to do body painting
    • If a contestant is obviously weirded out by having to paint a naked dude, make it a triple shot
  • A contestant thinks they'll be on bottom looks only for the judges to love the makeup
  • A contestant has never done beauty makeup before
  • Contestants must work in pairs (Season 11 does not count)
  • A contestant ignores Micheal Westmore's advice

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