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  • After Carmilla ruins Laura's interview with Natalie and Sarah Jane in Episode 5, the following episode involves Carmilla mocking Laura for her idealism and encouraging her to give up on the investigation because she'll be better off if she does. Laura's resultant Shut Up, Hannibal is a sight to behold.
    Laura: No.
    Carmilla: What?
    Laura: No, I'm not just gonna give up. Maybe you're right, maybe I am a child: a 19-year-old who never left her city limits before she got here. Who thought that university was gonna be some big adventure full of books to read and parties to dance at. Who never thought anything bad could actually happen. Well...turns out the world doesn't work exactly how I thought it would. My university is creepy, and parties are full of numbskulls getting hammered, and girls go missing and nobody seems to care, and maybe that's just the way it is, but that does not mean that I have to accept it. I deserve better. Betty deserves better. Hell...even you deserve better.
    • Even more significant, look at Carmilla's expression in the background: she honestly looks impressed and maybe touched. Probably was the starting point of her falling for Laura.
  • In Episode 8, after Kirsch refuses to take "no" for an answer and remains in Laura's room (despite her clearly being uncomfortable with him there), Carmilla enters the room. She then manages to beat up Kirsch and bring him to his knees with two blows, then tops herself by seducing him mere seconds later and biting him (apparently hard enough to draw blood) to finally drive him out.
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  • In Episode 12, Laura manages to quell a heated argument (which could very easily have turned into an actual fistfight) between Kirsch and Danny and convinces them to take care of the disturbance outside, all while being about 2/3 the size of both of them.
    Kirsch: If you weren't such a hottie, you would be in big, big trouble!
    Danny: (shoves Kirsch) Bring it, popped collar!
    Laura: (pushes between them) Okay, stop it! Stop it, both of you! I get it, you both want to protect the campus! So, has it even occurred to you that while you're duking it out, nobody is actually protecting anybody at all?!
    Danny: Well, he's the one who started it!
    Laura: He "started it"? Really?!
    Kirsch: She totally started it.
    Laura: NOT HELPING! All I'm saying is that the actual useful thing to do might be to skip the smackdown in the middle of my bedroom, and go talk some sense into the idiots setting fire to security carts over who gets to protect people!
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  • As Episode 14 reveals, LaFontaine was apparently smart enough (and enough of an Agent Mulder) to put all the pieces together and figure out that Carmilla was a vampire before anyone else even considered the possibility. In fact, they were surprised to find that nobody else knew.
  • The Offscreen Moment of Awesome in Episode 17 where Carmilla is captured, for both Carmilla herself and everyone who ganged up on her. Apparently, it took 8 people to bring her down, including Danny and Kirsch, both of whom have a good few inches of height and a lot more muscle than Carmilla, and she still ended up fracturing Will's clavicle, smashing LaFontaine's head into a table, and hitting Danny in the eye.
  • Episode 21 is laden with awesome moments, from Laura going Badass Normal on Will and chopping him in the throat to get away, to Carmilla outright decking the guy after he decides to try to eat Laura to screw with Carmilla.
    • Even better? The rattling sound immediately after implies he lost a tooth from the punch. Considering the aforementioned chop-to-the-throat only stunned him for a few moments, that says a lot about what Carmilla was packing.
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  • In Episode 26, despite having fought with Perry over the general supernatural and weird things happening on-campus (as well as their gender identity), LaFontaine refuses to apologize before they, Laura, and Carmilla head to the library to research the light in Laura's dream, and affirms themselves, complete with a Rousing Speech. Even Carmilla looks impressed by the end of it.
    Laura: If you're watching this...Danny, Perry-
    LaFontaine: Oh, hell no! We are not apologizing to them! We are ready for the weird! We thrive on it! We tape our flamethrowers to our pulse rifles, and we make the weird submit! We're going to the library!
  • Perry's Took a Level in Badass progression after LaFontaine is taken. She goes from being a panicky Agent Scully to suggesting hiring assassins to take care of the vampires to threatening to stake Carmilla after discovering Carmilla's deal with the Dean. It gets better in Episode 35, when you discover that, during the attack on the vampires, she actually did stake and kill one of them.
    • Even better, the one she took down was Will!
  • Episode 34. Basically the whole episode but especially just before the fade to black with Carmilla and Danny finally after a season of conflict seeing eye to eye on something.
    Carmilla: Yeah, I think we’re supposed to be filming our soppy heartfelt goodbyes or something.
    Danny: Screw that.
    Carmilla: Good call. See you at the violence.
  • Episode 35, where the cast recounts the whole epic battle between Laura and co. vs the Dean and the Vampires.
    • Carmilla kicking the Dean into the pit with the "Light".
    • spoiler: As the dean tries climbing back up, Laura rolls a boulder down on top of her, defeating her for good.
    • As narrated by a heartbroken Laura:
    Carmilla (to Laura): I'm starting to hate this heroic vampire crap.
    *Carmilla jumps in the "Light" with the sword pointed down*
  • Episode 36 has a big one: That kiss....after waiting the entire season for that, the kiss HAS to count!
  • The Christmas Special, where Carmilla showcases just how easy she had been going on the other girls throughout season one. For all the creep factor the baker has in the story, she's decidedly less than equiped for handling a pissed off, tired and probably starving vampire.
  • Danny being willing to step in between Mel and Kirsch when Mel is aiming an arrow at Kirsch with genuine intentions to wanting to harm him. She's willing to have the Summer Society view her as a traitor just to make sure no one gets hurt or even risk being shot at herself.
  • Perry stares down Mattie in Episode 20 while confronting her about the newspaper club murders. Mattie denies involvement and starts approaching Perry threateningly, and Perry doesn't flinch.
  • Laura's Shut Up, Hannibal! to Mattie, reminding us all that she is The Determinator in season 2 episode 26.
    Laura: Give up, Laura. Your newscast won't work. Give up, Laura. You'll never find your roommate. You're not strong enough. Give up. Give up. Give up. I'm still here."
  • For those of us who have been growing more and more annoyed at Laura this season, having Carmilla call her out in Episode 30 was awesome. Heartbreaking, but awesome
  • Dean!Perry winning everything that she set out to do in the second season. The Dimwit Squad lost a game they didn't even know they were playing. As did Vordenberg.
  • A meta-CMoA, the cast and crew arranging multiple events to make it appear that Sharon Belle was leaving the series at the end of Season 2 with the death of her character. The entire fandom was fooled up until the stinger at the end of Episode 36.
  • Carmilla Season 0. A 12 episode miniseries already filmed and coming out at the end of October (while everyone waits to find out if there'll be a Season 3). And no one knew it was coming until the trailer dropped an hour after the series finale.
  • In the final 10 seconds of the season finale, Dean!Perry resurrects MATTIE.
  • Annie Briggs' acting in the season 2 finale. Her delivery of this line really says it all:
    Perry: Because I just - I can't help but feel that there's a part of the story still missing. Could Mattie really have murdered those little journalists? The Summers? Could the Baron have done it? What if something else has been happening all along? Something that started all those nights ago, when that wretched little moppet cast me into the pit, and I had to find... alternative accommodations. (Slasher Smile) At first I wasn't too thrilled with Raggedy Ann here, but.. she grew on me. After all, who would suspect dear, darling—
    Kirsch: (offscreen) Perry!
    Perry: (immediately snapping back into Perry!Mode) In here, Kirsch!
  • In Season 3 Episode 18, perhaps the ultimate in Mundane Made Awesome: Laura manages to recruit a death goddess to help against the Dean. How? By schooling her in a game of Scrabble.
  • During Part II's Darkest Hour, Laura briefly takes on both Danny and the Dean in a desperate attempt to snatch back at least one of the talismans. She's ultimately unsuccessful due to the Dean's magic, but she gets a few good hits in, and considering she started the Season in a Heroic BSoD (and is a squishy human vs a vampire and a GOD), she definitely gets points for trying.
  • On a meta level, how the show has grown. It started out as an out-there promotion for Kotex with one set and a shoestring budget. Now it has three seasons plus supplemental material, and there's a movie coming up.
  • Laura saving the world not by using traditional means, but by realizing that the Dean is like her and giving her heart to free her from her physical cage. This act not only releases the Dean and allows her to regain her godlike powers but also finally allows her to push back the bitterness and despair that drove her for so long As Carmilla puts it, "four gods and six millennia and untold magic and you save the world with a fricking fortune cookie."


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