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The setting is the same universe as Welcome to Night Vale
Sorta our universe. But not quite. Character offhand comments alude to a far stranger reality accepted outside of The Masquerade.
  • The creators have said that they are inspired by WTNV and big fans in Youtube comments.

The next season will involve J-P being humanized.
Why else would they cast an actor as him as opposed to just using a stock photo or something?
  • Confirmed in 2x13 when J-P's consciousness is placed into Will's old body.

Perry is asexual
She's the only major cast member that shows no interest in either sex. So why not?

The group's new place of residence used to be the Dean's
Carmilla visibly hesitates when Laura asks her how she knew about the house, before dismissing her question about who used to live there. Carmilla only had to stay in the dorms one year out of 20, maybe she spent the other 19 living with the Dean in the house?
  • Considering what a Control Freak the Dean is to Carmilla, it makes sense. Especially considering that the Dean would probably want to keep an eye on Carmilla after that whole business with Ell.
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  • Confirmed at the end of Season Two, Episode 6.

Perry will be (or already has been) turned into a vampire.
Hence why she's covered in blood and looks traumatized.

Perry will be turned into a werewolf.
Perry's promo picture has the slogan "Den Mother", which, while arguably in character, is quite out of place compared to the others "Wild Card", "Loyal Sister", etc, and has decidedly lupine qualities. The killer at the newspaper offices was a werewolf, and Perry caught their attention...

Perry murdered the newspaper team...but unintentionally.
As noted on the Nightmare Fuel page and by many fans, Perry's promo image makes it appear as if she is possessed. What if she is? Forced against will and also oblivious towards what she done, she murdered the entire team, only to snap back to reality afterwards, only thinking she walked in on the sight.

Perry is being possessed by the Dean.
This continues on from the WMG above. Perry is being possessed by the spirit of the Dean, who is either fully dead or trapped in the cavern with the Anglerfish. The Dean does, don't forget, have a history of pulling Grand Theft Me. She possibly killed the newspaper team (either for a long term goal or basic pettiness and chaos) and had Perry carve the warning on her own torso - after all, Perry states that she was locked up pretty tight in her room, and can't see how anyone could have gotten in...
  • Given some of LaFontaine's recent tweets, this is looking more and more plausible.
  • FINALLY confirmed in the series finale

Laura isn't fully human.
That should explain why she seemed have the very informative nightmares longer than normal and why seems to notice and be noticed by the supernatural.

Baron will be the Big Bad of the second season.
Or at the very least, he won't be the kindly old man that we're led to view him as. Either by killing someone or doing something bad, he'll be revealed to be evil.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 19; he has indeed become a huge problem, what with the declaring all vampires on campus must be detained. According to Laura's Twitter, he has also issued different ID cards to all non-human students.

Mattie is telling the truth
She had absolutely nothing to do with the newspaper murders or the attacks on Perry. First of all, she has no reason to lie about killing people. It's not like she's ashamed of it, and it's not exactly a secret to Laura and company that she's a murderous vampire. Second of all, if she really wanted Perry dead, Perry would be dead—she fully intended to tear Laura to shreds, so why wouldn't she just do the same to someone else she wanted out of the way? Something as roundabout and chancy as a flock of evil crows isn't like her.

Kirsch will be a vampire come season 3.
It is left up in the air as to whether or not Danny attacked him to either feed or kill him. What if he is turned into a vampire, which means season 3 will ultimately be Laura and co up against Perry, Danny and Kirsch.
  • Since The Dean was able to resurrect Danny as a vampire from completely dead, it's entirely possible the plan *was* for Danny to kill him while feeding, so the Dean could then turn him as well. She did mention needing "muscle" after all. And turning Kirsch works two-fold: he's grateful to her for raising Danny, and Danny is beholden to her for fixing her "mistake" of killing Kirsch.

Laura's vampiric animal form will be a monkey
Laura becoming a vampire is almost a certainty if her and Carmilla's romance will last for the long haul. Carmilla is effectively immortal and will live untold centuries past the standard point at which a human like Laura will die. It seems inevitable that Carmilla would make Laura a vampire like herself, as the original Carmilla wished to do in the novella. Now, it seems like each vampire has some sort of animal form that they take. Carmilla transforms into a black panther. What Mattie is is unclear, but people suspect she's some kind of bird based on the screech she can make. Dean!Perry's reference to her as "the rook" all but confirms that Mattie can transform into a rook (it's a bird related to the raven).

Since Laura's transformation into a vampire seems inevitable, that raises the question of what animal she would be be able to transform into. What if the answer is right there in the theme song, Love Will Have Its Sacrifices? In between the lines of the song, the singer makes an unusual series of vocalizations: "Oo-eh, oo-eh, oo-eh, eh, eh..."

Its placement may in fact be a clue about the end of the series. Think about what that might sound like sped up. Like every stock monkey sound in the background of a jungle scene, right? Given the animal theme of the vampires, an animal sound here is likely relevant to the vampire characters. The vampire character most pertinent to the series whose animal form is yet to be revealed is the yet-to-be-vampire Laura. Ergo, Laura is a monkey!


The Dean is actually Inanna or Ereshkigal
There are a truly massive number of Sumerian mythology riffs in this series. It would fit - especially with the Sumerian incantation that the Dean uses to bring Danny back as a vampire.
  • Confirmed.

Who will die in season three?
It's the last season, so if they're going to kill someone, this time, it's for keeps. Probably. Put your guesses here.
  • Perry: Let's see. Fan-favorite, Woobie, emotionally tied to the entire main cast, being possessed against her will by the main villain? Girl may as well have a bulls-eye painted on her back.
  • Sherman: He's already won the fans over, and it's established he'd do anything for his daughter. A Heroic Sacrifice wouldn't be surprising, coming from him.
  • Danny: Given the way she's been acting, it wouldn't be surprising if the main characters end up having to kill her in self-defense. Bonus points if she dies as herself.
  • Kirsch: Once he outlives his usefulness, or tries to stand up to Vampire Danny.
    • Jossed. Only J.P. died, Laura died and came back, and Carmilla actually got less dead.

Laura's mother is the sentient library.
Who is Laura's mother? A writer indicated that her mother may have already been on the show. Eliminating her love interests Danny and Carmilla, that leaves Perry, LaFontaine, Mattie, and the Dean as most prominent female characters. Anyone Laura's age is unlikely, barring any weird time travel plot, eliminating Perry and LaFontaine. Mattie would be interesting but unlikely due to vampire physiology and Mattie not knowing her or caring about her as a Hollis or anything other than Carmilla's beau after learning more about her. (Children of interracial pairings can take after one parent specifically, so Laura's race is not an issue with her mother perhaps being a different race as her because she looks enough like Papa Hollis to take after him and not her mother.) The Dean is interesting too but perhaps thrown off for the similar reasons of her own unusual physiology, not caring about Laura as a Hollis, not seeming to care about Papa Hollis' presence, and possibly being a lesbian.

To determine who Laura's mother may be, we can look at the original novella. In the original, Laura's mother was a Karnstein and died when Laura was very young. Following the legend that says vampires torment their living families, Carmilla is drawn to Laura by that connection. Carmilla holds off attacking her for as long as she can but eventually eats every other beautiful young lady in the region and bites Laura in her sleep and drains her over several nights. There are implied to be ghosts in Laura's father's mansion, and the spirit of Laura's mother sends a ghost middleman to wake Laura in the middle of Carmilla's feeding to protect her. Laura sees Carmilla, and Carmilla hastily retreats. That is the role Laura's mother plays in the story.

In the web series, there are no ghosts per se. There is, however, J.P., the boy whose soul is bound to the library's catalog. When the library threatens to hurt Laura and LaFontaine, he tells them to run. LaFontaine gives him more ability to express himself, and he helps out Laura and company throughout the show. When Laura, Carmilla, and LaFontaine flee into the library after the Vordenberg events, the library gives them shelter and works with J.P. to help them. J.P. ends up acting as the library's spokesman. Thus, the closest thing to a ghost acts as the middleman between the library and Laura to help her, serving the role of Laura's mother in the novella. The library also enables Papa Hollis to find it and enter to find his daughter. While of an inscrutable nature, the library appears to favor Laura and support her in all her efforts, including romancing Carmilla. Of all the characters featured, the library may be the most plausible candidate.


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