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  • Just War. Benny, beaten, whipped, starved, sleep deprived and with a broken hand at the hands of those very much not wacky Nazis, manages to escape her cell by overpowering Kitzel with nothing but a cutlery knife.
  • In The Greatest Shop In The Galaxy, Benny defuses an extremely powerful bomb by hitting it with her shoe.
  • The Mirror Effect. Benny is trapped, in agony and being forced to give birth to the mirror creature. Adrian is also being psychologically tortured by the creature over his love for Benny. Jason is trapped in a lift shaft and is being made to hallucinate that he is drowning. Only Braxiatel is left and so far the creature has overpowered him twice. So when he confronts its projection of Dr. Carnivel it isn't scared. Then he shows it his mind and it, the creature which feeds on dark emotions, is absolutely horrified. Spouting a Pre-Mortem One-Liner he then smashes it into pieces (with no apparant assisstance), saves Jason from drowning while hypnotising him into being unable to suspect Brax of wrongdoing. Rapidly (and rather brutally) persuades Benny to abandon the reborn creature by reminding her of her son. Then, he gets everyone out of the mirror in time before the creature is destroyed by Jason's mining charges. He does this all in the last five minutes.
  • A villainous example from the Daleks in Death And The Daleks (not sure why I bothered with the spoiler). They manage to out-manipulate Braxiatel of all people. The reaction from him is horrifying; Brax is a character who is normally calm and the centre of reason, being tortured by the Fifth Axis fascists didn't even phase him, so when his mask slips and he just starts screaming and almost going Ax-Crazy, it highlights just how phenomenal it was for the Daleks to have accomplished it.
    I have been outplayed. I AM GOING TO KILL HIM!!!
    • How about the Killorans finally rising up against the Fifth Axis after months of slavery, imprisonment and torture?
    We will not leave! We will not leave! We will not leave!
    Hello, I'm Isaac Summerfield, I'm her dad. Yes, I know I look like the boss of the Fifth Axis but I'm on your side. Anyway, I've got the biggest gun in the room so I win this debate.
  • The Crystal Of Cantus, for Braxiatel. It's revealed that he's been manipulating the lives of everyone on the Collection for years now, and now he's about to turn the already established badass Jason Kane, into a Cyber-Controller. And if he would have gotten away with it if Jason had told Benny a more convincing cover story than seeing the Galyari production of Macbeth, arousing her suspicions, causing her to sneak out of the hospital, onto their shuttle and to Cantus; thus giving her the opportunity to use her Adventurer Archaeologist skills of manipulating ancient artifacts to her will by using the titular crystal to destroy a planet of Cybermen and free Jason.
    • The last part was Benny's own moment.
  • The ending of The Worst Thing In The World. Seriously, Benny is about to be torn apart by a hoard of mind-controlled zombies so she... does, something to reality which means that 'no one dies at the end'. If you want to hear what that means, go here.
  • It looked like The Judas Gift was going to end as a Tear Jerker for Beverly Tarrant, killed by ambassador Kothar for leaving his adoptive, human, brother to die by having her shuttle shot down. But then it turns out that she faked her own death, by escaping through an exit she had prepared in her year running the Collection. Recorded a secret message and commanded that her own arm be sliced off by an ancient Draconian artifact. It is a little let down, though, because Braxiatel was able to delete her message before anyone else listened to it, but still.
  • The End Of The World: Jason Kane's Death In The Limelight. He goes through a portal to hell and another across time in order to find the pieces of his life which have been edited/deleted by Braxiatel. He succeeds, and in the process hopefully saves his sister from a life of abuse at the hands of his father. Unfortunately, he then thinks that he can just confront Brax over it.
    • The ending, oh dear God! The ending. It is one of the most horrible Moments of Awesome you're ever going to find in any media, it counts as one (albeit a very evil one) as well as a Tear Jerker and a Moral Event Horizon moment for Braxiatel. He coldly manipulates Benny's son, Peter into tearing Jason apart; Jason, the man who is essentially, Peter's stepfather. And he does it just by sitting there and saying that 'Uncle Jason wants to hurt Mummy'. While Jason is dying (and trying to tell Peter that what he's doing isn't his fault) Brax scornfully spouts 'You were never good enough for her!' Then when Peter (who it should be mentioned, was only eight years old) suddenly comes to his senses and realises that he's looking at the mutilated body of a man he murdered. Brax just says, in the most chillingly flat tone imaginable:
    Oh, Peter. Oh, dear. What have you done?
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  • The Wake might have been one to show off how manipulative Braxiatel is. When he first came back to the Collection, everyone hated him. Now, four stories later, he's arranged for the exile of the person who was running the place without him and for the manslaughter of the only person who could have exposed him. Also, he's managed to play on the insecurities of all the people there so they're afraid of what will happen if he leaves, persuaded Hass into destroying a planet and has secured Doggles' loyalty. in short. 'Brax is back on top'.
  • Glory Days would have been impressive enough (Benny, Bev and Adrian robbing a bank managed by Braxiatel) if the whole scenario hadn't turned into a huge Gambit Roulette with Brax who almost won, despite not being there.
    • First, the trio realised that robbing the bank itself would be pointless, as only Brax's security would be in absolute control, so they just raided the various utility companies which maintained the bank, then they broke in, allowed themselves to be caught and put in the vault just in time for the Bank's many systems to start failing and allowing them access to the secret vault.
    • Then, it turned out that the whole bank was a set up by Brax so that, if he ever died anywhere in time and space, his mind would be downloaded into the bank's software and then into one of the clones of him which staffed the place. An immortality more effective than regeneration. Also, it doubled as a trap for anyone who challenged him, namely, Benny. She would be the only one who would be able to get to Brax's portrait and subsequently would be sent back in time and become the model for the Glory, the AI which ran the bank.
    • Crowned by Bev and Benny when Bev took Benny's place as the model of the Glory, confusing time enough for Benny to use her time ring and connection to the bank to re-write events so the bank never existed, saving Bev. Gratuitous use of the Reset Button, but it works!
  • The whole of Escaping The Future is essentially Benny and Brax trying to find a way to create a paradox to wipe the Deindum out of existence. Eventually they do this over a course of months by manufacturing enough evidence to start a war between the Deindum and their ancestors. Clever or what? Although, they did both get killed by the Deindum but with reality fracturing, at least Benny was able to survive.
  • The entire speech about the fizzy drink can that Benny gives Pallis in Year Zero. It will leave your mouth on the ground in awe. Especially when you realize that she is absolutely, 100 percent right about everything and you could indeed find the entire backstory of a species by using something completely mundane. The whole story, in fact, brings you back to earth on the fact that Bernice is an archaeologist at heart.
  • In Paradise Frost Benny was able to locate the entrance to Jared Jones's penthouse in the Xanadu Tower within 90 minutes... something that the building's two (proven intelligent) inhabitants hadn't managed in 10 years.
  • Avril Fenman in The Curse Of Fenman. She proves herself to be a first class Magnificent Bitch when she overpowers Gallifrey!Braxiatel in her very first scene and sucks the Pandora out of his head to use as an incapacitating weapon against the native Brax. Then, it's revealed that she has been manipulating events for the past three seasons to ensure that everyone would be on Legion at that moment as her asteroid, Hera made a solar eclipse. Then she would kill Jack and Ruth for their youth and vitality to help with the rebuilding of her body and claim Peter as her son. However, she overlooked one thing; when she took the Pandora from Brax she also released the rest of his mind, leaving him free to oppose her. Rather brilliantly, he proves that Irving Braxiatel regardless of which reality he comes from will not let himself be manipulated by anyone. He does this by destroying Hera and most of Fenman in the process, saving Ruth and Jack. As Fenman's a Magnificent Bitch and Brax combines Magnificent Bastard with Guile Hero, listening to the two of them going toe-to-toe is liable to make one explode from sheer Awesomeness.
    • Peter gets one in the next scene, most of Fenman is destroyed but her body remains. He destroys it. This would have been especially hard for him as said body was identical to his murdered lover, Antonio and still contained a fraction of his mind, a fraction which was begging for freedom from Fenman. Tear Jerker in the extreme but in the same scene he denounces Fenman for what she is (i.e. not his mother) and that he already has Benny 'who is perfectly adequate'. As he had been claiming to hate her for the past two boxsets, this makes it awesome.

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