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It's a crossover between some of the best action cartoon's of the early 2000's. There was bound to be plenty of these.

     Season 1 
  • Avenger's of the Multiverse:
    • The first time the heroes (most of them) assemble in taking on the Mutradi.

  • Episode 1, A Home Away From Homes:
    • Danny No-Sell's the Mutradi phantoms attempts at possession, and quickly realizes how to free the others.

  • Episode 2, Follow The Leader:

  • Episode 3, Ghost Busting:

  • Episode 4, Mission Possible:

  • Episode 5, War of the Worlds:
    • Vilgax is back and he's back to the powerhouse he was back in the original series. He single-handedly drives the Avengers to the brink until Danny and Ben uses their sound-based powers to put him down but even that was temporary.

  • Episode 6, Deus Rex Machina:
    • Van Kleiss makes an E.V.O. out of the remains of several Mutradi monster remains, which Titan is forced to battle. Mid-fight, Octus figures out a way to disable the nanites in the beast, instantly netting them a win and showing off his merits as a Genius Bruiser.
    • After calming Rex down, Ben teams up with him against Van Kleiss, and the two display excellent teamwork, easily holding the upper hand the entire time against the E.V.O. Rath's comment on them being the best team in a fight appear well founded.

  • Episode 7, A Nightmare at Weird World:
    • Despite being Brainwashed and Crazy, Doc's dealing with Rex is impressive.
    • Argost and Zak have A Rooftop Confrontation, trading blows with hand-to-hand, Claw vs Fang and summoning cryptids for help on both sides. Then Zak snatches the Fang from the yeti and starts Dual Wielding the grapple staffs.
    • After sending Argost packing, the Avengers and the Saturdays decide to destroy Weird World. It's satisfying for them and for us, the audience, to finally see that awful place torn down to pieces.

  • Episode 8, Dawn of the Dragons:
    • Zak plays a key factor in stopping the Guardians when he takes control of them, showing that his Kur power aren't just limited to Cryptids.
    • Titan vs the Leviathan. Titan WON.
    • Danny's solution to the zombie problem:
      Chang: There is no mortal weapon or magical means to destroy that amulet!
      Danny: No magic, huh? Good thing I don't have any.
      (Blasts the amulet into kingdom come)
      Chang: NOOOO! did you...?
      Danny: An amulet that control the dead, ghost powers, you do the math.

  • Episode 9, Clash of Titans:
    • The Evil vs. Evil is where all the Big Bads duked it out in a vicious throwdown. Highlights included Drakken and Van Kleiss ganging up on Munya and Vilgax and Dark Dragon fighting each other.
    • Goliath is even more powerful than Titan. If it wasn't for Shego's unwillingness to kill hampering them, the Avengers wouldn't have survived until G3's rescue, also an awesome moment.


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