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  • Ilook's attempt at torturing Iroh, who proves it ineffective. He formed icicles only to have Iroh melt them with his breath (and could have burned him, had he been so inclined); finally Ilook used his corrupted healing technique that Iroh redirected on him. At which point, realizing that anything he tried would have failed miserably at best and resulted in Iroh torturing him at worst, he whined and fled.
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  • Azula battle with Jian Chin in Path. On one side we have Azula, injured, tired, losing blood and with broken ribs. On the other we have Jian Chin, an Earthbender with little skill but enough raw power to give Toph (the self-proclaimed Greatest Earthbender in the World, with the skill to back it up) and Bumi (the second best, and not by much) a run for their money and an entire rock castle to bend. Jian Chin didn't stand a chance.

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