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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

A Very Potter Musical - which is totally awesome

  • Hermione's jellylegs jinx, making Draco apologize for everything he just said.
    • Telling off Ron and Draco at the Yule Ball.
  • Cedric: "Okay, have the punch!" Harry really had that coming.
  • Neville: "Expelliarmus!"
  • "I am about to betray someone, right now!"
  • Molly showing up just to do her CMOA from the books, complete with "bitch."
  • The Rousing Speech song "Voldemort is Going Down."
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  • Ron, just after kissing Hermione and with the Sword of Gryffindor in hand, yelling "LET'S GO KILL VOLDEMORT!"

A Very Potter Sequel

  • The introduction to "No Way."
    Harry: For 11 years I was a little douche bag locked up under some stairs. But this year? I found out I'm a wizard, and I'm famous. I can fly and turn invisible, and I just traveled the fuck back in time! So fuck you Draco, how's that for a happy thought?
  • Lupin's introduction saving Harry from a Death Eater. "Take that, you bastard ass!"
  • Hermione's "I Want" Song, "The Coolest Girl."
  • All of the opening scene. "It's Not Over Yet" continues the grand tradition of Villain Songs being the best. In particular the moment when he pulls out the time turner; just listen to the pop from the audience as they realize what the sequel's story is going to be.
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  • Hermione whips out the jellylegs jinx again, this time on Lucius as he's stealing Harry's Firebolt.
  • Ron's poop-nose maneuver on Future!Malfoy. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Umbridge has a pretty epic moment when she high-kicks Hermione right in the face. Kick the Dog moment? Undoubtedly. Totally awesome? YES.
    Umbridge: That's bullshit Snape! You can't Disapparate inside of Hogwarts! Right?
    Dumbledore, Off-stage: Right!
    Umbridge: Right!!
  • The entire fight between Firenze and Umbridge. Especially "SILENCE!"
  • The still somewhat-drunk Snape vs. Death Eaters. "Put it on my tab! Stupefy!"
    • And then telling the kids to run while he fends them off with a chair like a lion tamer. Crazy Awesome indeed!

A Very Potter Senior Year

  • The very first thing you see: Luna, played by Evanna Lynch herself.
  • Ron sticking up for Harry to the Hogwarts students after he leaves because they've lost faith in him.
  • Snape's Rousing Speech to Harry.
  • Harry slaying the basilisk while singing "Harry Freakin' Potter''.
  • Barty Crouch doesn't fuck around. He actually does (try to) just shoot them.
  • Harry singing "Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts''.
  • They twice take advantage of the fact that the third installment is a staged reading by having the narrator describe things too amazingly awesome to ever happen in a stage show. For bonus points, the narrator is famous voice actor Bob Joles.
  • "I'm Just a Sidekick" sounds awesome—Joey knocks the song out of the park.

A Very Potter Christmas

  • The Lang brothers obviously had a lot of fun at the expense of courtroom drama tropes, but that doesn't mean that they aren't able to get some awesomeness out of them, too. Sirius' inspirational speech to James over what being a Gryffindor means to him and James' dramatic final statements regarding why the aspiration to be brave is what makes Gryffindor the best house are actually pretty stirring whether you agree with their points or not.
  • Lily's last ditch effort to win the case by arguing that Peter Venkman is a Slytherin. It's a deft rhetorical move in- and out-of-universe, even with how ridiculous the nature of the argument may be.

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